Le Marche region is not only a museum of natural art, untouched landscapes and timeless beauty. Le Marche region was one of the first in Italy to adorn itself in Street Art, that form of artistic representation created with a spray can in the hands of writers, artists and students who sign and paint walls, jetties and public structures.

From the north to the south, Le Marche is united by diverse and imaginative murals, from the most technical to the most spontaneous, alternating styles, trends and colours.

Street Art in Pesaro

The famous city on the Adriatic Sea is not only a summer tourist destination, even during the winter months the Pesaro Coast is painted with colours that go beyond the blue of the sea and warm yellow of the sun. It is Street Art that pulls in numerous visitors that are attracted by highly interesting and unique murals whilst strolling along the seaside.

For example, the Levante jetty has taken on a new look, that has been made to measure by the artist from Cagliari known as Tellas.

The international artist worked with students of the Mengaroni High School to bring new life to more than 260 metres of the jetty. The last frontier of youthful artistic expression, Street Art, has brought the colour of imagination to the seaside of the city of Pesaro that is now beautiful even in winter.

The execution of the artistic work was managed by the Re/Ur (Urban Finds) Association as part of the Portobello project that has worked to enhance the port area since 2014.


Photo credits: www.artribute.com


The chosen title, Ciclico (Cyclical), represents the continual alternation of earth, sea and nature in which the tones of blue are repeated and interchanges, just like the waves and the tides, creating an astonishing optical effect.

Fano, the horizon between the sea and the murals

Where the Pesaro murals end, we have the start of those that characterise the urban art of the city of Fano. With the sea as background, almost four hundred metres of painted wall accompany the walkway of Lisippo, in the Cesari Marina.

This city is a tourist attraction in summer with its tourist port and welcoming beaches, and in the colder seasons with various options for entertainment and relaxation. For example, a panoramic track for cyclist, pedestrians and disabled users covering almost half a kilometre, is a delight for all that love walking and love to take in the sea and street art. The beauty of the sea and the tourist port is enriched by these highly colored murals, created and designed by students of the Olivetti Technical Institute and the Seneca Institute, with the work based on the concept of the Horizon.

Senigallia, when art comes from the street

It is a short trip from Fano to Senigallia and if you make the journey by train, you will immediately come face-to-face with the street art created on the railway stations: the two mural eyes observe tourists as soon as they alight. On one side, work faces the Roveresca Rock, the main attraction of Senigallia. On the other, looking towards the Rotonda a Mare, is a unique piece of architecture built over the sea and opened in 1933.


Photo credits: www.artribute.com


The “Universe” facade, that marks the train station, was created by the artist Geometricbang, under the artistic direction of the PopUp Studio. Every year it welcomes many numerous Street Art experts as well as the many who use the railway line daily.

The patron of the Summer Jamboree, a festival dedicated to 1950s culture, Senigallia is a destination that is frequented in summer and winter, with a city centre offering many buildings, monuments and museums.

Ancona, industrial art and Street Art

At this point a visit to Ancona is a must, where the ‘Pop up!’ Festival in 2008 illuminated the greys of the port with murals. The Street Art works have created a veritable open-air gallery in the port area and the centre of the city.

Despite the corrosive action of atmospheric agents that have slightly faded the various shades, the pillars of the ring road that leads to the port, the buildings of the fish market and the Retari Pavilion still bare the murals ingrained in the industrial structures.

The most famous are the large fish and the yellow scuba diver on the grain silos, signed by Blu and Ericailcane, the subject of much creative photography by curious tourist visiting the port.

The city offers a veritable treasure trove of new surprises impressed on the walls of Le Marche capital city. History, industrial architecture and the working environments of the fish trade, dialogue with Street Art in the port of Ancona and the rest of the Doric city.

The entire route covering these open-air art galleries can be covered on foot or by bike and is included in tourist itineraries to discover the art and gastronomy of Le Marche.



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Civitanova, open-air fantasy!

Continuing along the coast, the journey into Le Marche Street Art stops between the sea and the sky, at the south jetty of the Port of Civitanova Marche.

If you decide to take a stroll put the sad and melancholy black and white images of the port area punctuated with the grey of industrial warehouses far from your mind.

Orange, green, blue and yellow fill the animal and fish drawings, the portraits and the writings that carpet the city boardwalk. In particular, the jetty is the site of Street Art thanks to the Vedo a colori! (I see in color) project that was created by the artist and graphic designer Giulio Vesperini.

Here we have an alternation of abstract works, marine landscapes, surreal figures, creatures from the abyss and quotations connected with the region.

Every year artists from all over Italy come to Civitanova Marche to leave a visible trace of their creativity, helping to upgrade urban spaces such as the shipyards or the concrete murals of the jetty.

The seaside rebirth of Civitanova Marche also took place though these urban works along the South Jetty and the warehouses of the shipyards. Open-air fantasy in every season to transmit joy to all the tourists enamored by this continually evolving art exhibition.



Photo credits: casafacile.it


Street Art is female at Porto Sant’Elpidio

The tour continues towards Porto Sant’Elpidio, the city that launched the challenge to paint its seaside with a competition based on the theme of Women. This initiative involved many artists and young writers that have left their coloured signature along the walkway between the shore and the city centre.

The historical marine city has become a seaside location and more besides, This highly coloured city features murals along the Europa seafront that were created as part of the Porto Sant’Elpidio Street Art competition.

Street Art is female is a series of murals that embellish urban spaces and cause us to reflect on violence perpetuated against women. In this city, Street Art is of social and cultural importance. The many paintings along the seaside and in the centre include works such as G016 by Giulio Vesprini, created for the Parlare Futuro (Speaking of the Furure) event that saw the participation of many adolescents.

Urban art stops off at San Benedetto del Tronto

The last stop of the artistic tour is San Benedetto del Tronto, the heart of the Riviera delle Palme (Palm Coast). A seaside city par excellence and famous for its seaside centre, San Benedetto del Tronto features an open-air museum housing sculptures and en plein air works of art.

A relaxing stroll along the southern jetty that winds between freedom and modern art.  The monuments dedicated to the fishermen are alternated with amazing sculptures created by artists from every corner of the world that make up MAM, Museo d’Arte sul Mare (The Museum of Art on the Sea), one of the most important permanent open-air museums that extends for more than a kilometre with 135 sculptures and 10 murals along the entire South Jetty.

It is not true that the winter sea is not as attractive as that in summer, it is simply different. The Adriatic Sea, that laps the shores of Le Marche region from the north to the south, is tinted with vibrant and multi-coloured images that brighten up the most overcast day.

The very spot where the northwest wind blows and the waves break on the cement jetties is the birthplace of Street Art, an artistic movement that enhances the sky with an open-air museum that can be visited every day of the year.

The Street Art is a vehicle for messages and a way of thinking that has seen the creation of various murals. At San Benedetto del Tronto the main themes concern the protection of the marine environment, the migration of the people or reflection on the figures that have contributed to the city’s history.

There is nothing better than a “stroll” from Pesaro to San Benedetto del Tronto, or vice-versa, in any season, at dawn or dusk, to take in the beauty and the hues of these magical places facing the sea.

Le Marche region is the perfect destination that unites the sea, nature, history and the independent culture of urban and modern art.

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