Terms and Conditions

The rental of the properties advertised on the web site www.dhvillas.com and contained in the catalogue has the legal status of “Tourist Rental” and will be concluded by DH Villas di Luchini Alessandra & C. S.N.C. on behalf of the respective owners with their declared authorization, according to the prices published on the web site, in compliance with the terms and conditions set by the private agreement with the owners.

The  properties  advertised  on  the  web  site  belong  to  two  distinct  categories so called:  Private  Structures  and Accommodation Facilities.

Private Structure
For private structures, the owner sets the property for rent as a private individual and not as a company or accommodation  facility  with  special  hotel  licence  or  similar.  The  significant  difference  between  private structures and accommodation facilities is the impossibility for the owner of providing additional services during the guests’ stay. Furthermore, in the absence of guests private structures are frequently occupied by the owners themselves, so the rental contract is meant to be occasional and non­permanent and above all in a non­business form. Being  private  homes  for  holiday  use,  they  don’t have to meet  an internationally recognized  standard  or category and simply reflect local traditions and personal taste of the owner in what is the structure architecture and furnishings.  Peculiarities,  limitations  or  small  deficiencies have to be judged as normal,  as for  the houses where we daily live.

Accommodation facility
For properties belonging to this category owners can provide their customers with additional hotel­-type services (included or optional) such us cleaning services or linen changes. The service performed is organised on a business form through a professional experienced staff that is at the guests’disposal upon request for all stay long (additional costs will be always paid on site and Dream Holidays might not be liable for any possible inefficiency, for which the customer shall address to the owner or company provider). DH Villas is not responsible in case the customer has not carefully and fully checked the information relative to the structure described on the web site.

DH Villas deals with weekly rentals which generally extend from Saturday to Saturday, for a maximum duration of 4 consecutive weeks in favour of the same customer – if provided by the agreement with the owner. For stays in low and mid-season it is possible to make flexible stays with other arrangements concerning arrival and departure days, based on what indicated on the property page on the DH Villas website and solely and exclusively upon owner’s approval. Private structures are generally not available throughout the entire year long.

•  Once received the request for option (through e­mail/telephone) and verified the availability  of  the  house(s)  for  the  period  of  interest,  DH Villas will  reserve  the  chosen house(s) in the favour of the customer by sending (via e­mail) the confirmation of option

• The option can be taken for a maximum of two properties at a time;

• The option will last 72, 48 or 24 hours (duration depends on the period the request is made). During this time the customer shall inform Dream Holidays about his final decision;

• After the designate deadline all options, when not confirmed by the customer, will be automatically cancelled from the system and the properties will become free and available for on line booking.

• If the customer decides to book, he will receive by DH Villas (via e­mail) the booking form indicating: customer personal data, prices and payment deadlines (DEPOSIT/BALANCE), payment conditions  and  cross  reference  to  the  general  booking  conditions.

• When  no  communication  is  received  from  the  customer  within  the  agreed  deadline,  the property(ies) optioned will return free and available for other customers.

• In the event that a customer who used to have an option on the property expresses by email, his will to book the structure but later the agreed deadline and meanwhile another customer has taken an option on the same property for the same period, the first customer will have to wait inevitably for the second
customer’s decision.

• By sending DH Villas (via e­mail) a copy of the above mentioned booking form digitally signed and compulsorily enclosing an identity document of the person making the reservation, by completing  the  payment  according  to  the  terms  and  methods  presented  below  and  with  the following  countersignature  of  the  said  form  by  DH Villas  the reservation  will  be  effectively complete.

• Failing the proof of payment and sending of the duly signed reservation form, the property(ies) booked will become again free and available for other customers.

• Upon receipt of the aforementioned documentation DH Villas will send the relative invoice in sign of official confirmation of the reservation.

The booking form indicates the amounts and deadlines of the various payments necessary to confirm the reservation and that are summarized below:

• 25 % as deposit (non­ refundable) to be paid at the moment of the reservation is made + euro 150 as booking administration costs; possible methods for down payment can be bank transfer or credit card;

• 75 % as balance to be paid by bank transfer or credit card within and no later 45 days prior to the first day of the rental. Payments for reservations and possible refunds will be regulated and accepted solely and exclusively with EURO currency. It is also recalled that all additional costs and, in any case, relative to banking transactions may not be charged to DH Villas; possible charge of this costs to DH Villas will be considered as unjustified curtailment of the agreed payments and incomplete payment of the agreed price, thus representing a default of the contractual obligations undertaken with the request of reservation.  Upon receipt of the balance, DH Villas will send the customer all documents relative to the reservation by email (Street Directions, Invoice).

For reservations made less than 45 days prior to the first day of the stay, customers shall proceed with the payment of the full amount for the rental at the time the reservation is made. Expected payment methods are those used for normal booking procedures.

Any change requested after the booking confirmation is not binding for DH Villas in case it can not be satisfied. DH Villas will do any effort to please the customer, but in all circumstances any requested change or modification, if accepted by the organizer, entails for the customer a fixed additional fee of Euro 150.

This agreement, in accordance with the Article 32 of the Tourism Code,  does not provide for the right of withdrawal pursuant to the Decree Law of 6th September 2005, No. 206 for distance contracts. However, booking cancellation is permitted and it shall be sent during working days (Monday to Friday, from 09,00 to 19,00) prior to arrival and does not include arrival and notice day. This notice shall be sent to DH Villas by e­mail.

The cancellation of a reservation, even if replaced with another one, demands the payment of the following penalties:

–  25 % of the total reservation price in the case of cancellation notified within 45 days prior to the first day of the stay;

–  60 %  of the total reservation price in the case of cancellation notified between 44 and 30 days prior to the first day of the stay;

–  80 % of the total reservation price in the case of cancellation notified between 29 and 15 days prior to the first day of the stay;

–  100 % of the total reservation price in the case of cancellation notified within 14 days prior to the first day of the stay;

In addition to the above stated penalties, the booking cancellation – ­ whenever it’s notified – always entails the  payment,  as  penalty  and  with  no  right  of  refund,  of  the  amounts  transferred  at  the  moment  the reservation was made by way of additional service (booking fees, commissions, other extra costs,…).

All properties of DH Villas catalogue and listed on the web site www.dhvillas.com have been supervised and photographed by DH Villas. The descriptions advertised by the company correspond to the conditions of the structures at the moment of the visit and of the acquisition and have been written in good faith. DH Villas assumes no responsibility in the event the customer, who has correctly checked the web site, may not find the property to be within his tastes upon arrival, having the agency tried to give detailed information and best description possible of the structure. DH Villas may not be held responsible if the customer has not carefully read the detailed description, reviewed the photos and the location of the structure on the website, having in addition signed a contract which requires confirmation of the information reported. In the presence of disabled people or those with limited mobility, DH Villas underlines that some properties, even if they may have a bedroom and bathroom suitable for disabled people, are still country houses with all the limitations that this may entail and not necessarily without architectural barriers even in the inside. If there are children, it is advisable to pay attention to the descriptions and photos of the properties and to request further details to DH Villas to ensure that the property chosen is suitable. DH Villas therefore does not consider itself responsible and for special requests or further details it recommends contacting the Booking department. What is more, DH Villas states clearly that the structures on the catalogue reflect their owners’ tastes and the habits, traditions and uses of the place they’re located, as well as for weather and environmental features. For these reasons they might present small gaps and deficiencies typical of the geography, culture, architecture and traditions of the place where they’re set. If the customer might notice, upon arrival or during the stay, serious inaccuracies in the property description or in case of problems, we kindly ask to make contact with DH Villas (phone +39 (0)721.799051) during office hours: Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00; Saturday from 16.00 to 19.00, giving written confirmation of the claim within 12 hours from the arrival in the property by email (info@dhvillas.com) Once verified the problem, DH Villas will try to solve the issue in the shortest time possible to guarantee a good quality stay of the guests in the structure reservated. However, DH Villas reserves the right to check on site through one of its representatives the reasons for the claim and possible inaccuracies of the owner during the stay of the guests, both internally and externally the structure. In the event the customer manifests a complaint after the end of the stay, no refund will be provided. Moreover, no refund will be provided to those customers sent away from the structure upon owners’will, lacking any notice relative to extra persons or to the presence of animals (it is recalled that extra persons as well as the presence of animals shall be always notified to DH Villas who will accept that in agreement with the owners) or in the absence of payment of the security deposit demanded at arrival. No form of refund will be given neither to customers who, in the event of misunderstandings or problems, abandon the property without prior written notice to DH Villas, nor to those ones who decide to anticipate departure time from the structure reservated, failing compelling reasons or serious inconveniences due to DH Villas or the owner and without giving early explanation and written proof to DH Villas, or to those ones who have not carefully read the information on the web site finding the property not to be suitable to their needs, or to those ones who leave the property without giving the possibility to the DH Villas representative to verify the reason for the claim. DH Villas does not acknoledge to be justified reasons for claim weather conditions, mosquitoes, insect stings, presence of insects in general not relative to inadequate cleanliness, lack of electricity, gas or water when depending on authorities or other third parties. All refunds, if due, will be carried out by the end of the tourist season (within and no later the month of December of the current year). In the event DH Villas  is forced to cancel the reservation of the customer for reasons beyon its will or for force majeure events, the agency will try to accommodate the customer, in mutual agreement, in a new vacation home having similar features to the house originally booked. If the price of the new suggested property is lower than the first one paid, DH Villas will refund the customer with the difference; if the price of the new structure exceeds 10% of the amount paid by the customer, when accepting the suggested alternative, the customer shall pay the difference of the higher price. If the parties can not find an agreement on the substitute structure, once received the written cancellation of the contract by the customer, DH Villas will refund the paid amounts. In no case DH Villas will pay hotel bills or similar. DH Villas  can not be held responsible for possible inconveniences caused by third parties or for external events not directly attributable to the owner of the structure or to his partners such as climate, local fauna, seasonal events, maintenance works of public roads or building renovations and similar in the vicinity of the properties rented by DH Villas. DH Villas and the owners can not be held responsible for personal and/or valuable objects left unattended inside the property. Moreover, DH Villas and the owners can not be held responsible for inconveniences or damages caused by third parties or by external events not directly attributable to the property and that are not used to be under the direct control of the owner himself.

The structures DH Villas offers are mainly country villas, usually located in pristine and peaceful places. For this reason, the roads that drive to the properties could be dirt, sometimes not so wide and in some cases rather steep or uneven. DH Villas tries to be meticulous when describing the roads and distances of the properties to the various centres and giving suggestions on the type of car to use. However, DH Villas can not be held responsible in the event adverse weather conditions or particular events make it more difficult to drive through these roads and in case of no driving skills on dirt roads. We also recommend carefully reviewing the “LOCATION” section within the property advertising page to see the real position of the structure provided through the Google Maps’ satellite map.

For each property a clear description is provided to inform the customer about what is included or not included in the price, in addition to possible cleaning and laundry services that can be booked at least 40 days beforehand.

Costs for heating, electricity, air conditioning (were specified):
this cost is not always included in the price. The cost is calculated upon consumption, according to the fees in force at the time of the stay. Only few structures have a fixed weekly flat rate which is duly indicated in the house description on the web site. In both cases, heating and air conditioning costs – as for any other consumption – shall be paid locally to the owner  or  its  representative  at  the  time  of  departure.  The  use  of  heating  and  air  conditioning concerning temperatures and period of use is regulated by norms that might  vary from region to region. Generally, heating can be used starting from November to April, for a maximum of 8 hours a day, whereas air conditioning during summer period (again, it is recalled that regulations about period for switching on/off and relative temperatures might vary from region to region). Customers shall peremptorily comply with these rules.

USB stick and wi-fi service for internet connection:
DH Villas and the owners of those structures where Internet connection is provided with a USB stick or wi-fi service may not be held responsible of possible diseases caused by technical and service problems for which customers are advised to refer directly to specialised provider centres of the area.

Electric car charging:
DH Villas underlines that it is not permitted in any way (without specific authorization from the owner and agency) to charge electric cars at the property; in case of failure to comply with this rule, the customer is required to pay any extra costs resulting from use and any structural damage caused to the electrical system and/or the property.

Drinking water:
DH Villas cannot guarantee the drinkability of water in the properties. We recommend contacting the Booking Department for any confirmations/further details.

The indicated day for arrivals and departures is usually on Saturday during high season, while it can be flexible for some structures in the low and mid-season periods; please follow the specific indications on the house information. Arrival time is set beetween 16,00 and 19,00 hours. We kindly ask our customers to indicate the approximate time of arrival at least one week prior the first day of the stay allowing the owner or his representative to be on place to great the guests and ease their entrance. Any change concerning date and time of arrival has to be promptly notified to DH Villas by email or by phone. In the event arrival is supposed to be late in the evening and after 20,00 hours, it will be at the owners’complete discretion whether to accept or not the check­-in. If the owner cannot accept such a delay communicated on the day of arrival, the customer shall bear the costs for an overnight stay in a different structure from that booked with DH Villas. However the company will try to facilitate the customers’arrival to the structure reservated trusting in the cooperation of the house owner, though he may ask for an extra charge for the late check­-in, whose amount will be fixed from time to time. Departure from the property shall be in the morning within and no later 10,00 hours; however guests shall authorize the owner of the house as well as the cleaning responsible to enter the structure at least one hour before fixed departure time (or any other communicated time in case of early departure) to check the house condition. Departure time shall always be communicated 24 hours in advance to the owner of the house or house keeper.

When arriving at the property, customers are asked to show the owner or its representative the booking contract and valid identification documents (passport or identity card) for the attendance register as by the Italian law, unless an online registration has already taken place via the specific platform. In the absence of said documentation, the access to the property will be at the owner’s descretion.

Close to the arrival date for some structures the customer will receive an email containing a link to a platform where it will be possible to enter all the data relating to the participants to the stay (name, surname, date and place of birth, nationality and for the customer making the reservation only, an identification document) for the attendance register as by the Italian law.

After arrival at the property, when receiving the house keys,  the customer shall pay the owner or his representative the security deposit by cash, as indicated by the information description relative to the structure. The security deposit might be subject to amount variation for reservations over four consecutive weeks of rent. In such event this increase will be communicated at the moment the reservation is made. The deposit will be returned to the customer at the moment of departure after a check-out of the house condition and with possible deduction for any caused damage or extra costs that were not included in the rental price. The  owner  reserves  the  right  to  prevent  the  customer  from  entering  the  structure in  case  no  security deposit has been paid. If the customer anticipates time for departure or in case it takes place at a different time from that mentioned, the owner or his responsible are authorized to return the deposit by bank  transfer  (deducting  consumption  and  possible  damages)  only after  checking  the  property inventory. In case of dispute between the customer and the owner for possible damages caused to the structure or furnishings/fittings during the stay, and also in case of need for reparation of the damage with consequent payment  upon  presentation  of  the  invoice,  the  owner  or  his  representative  have  the  right  to  return  the deposit by bank transfer deducting the amount mentioned on the invoice, enclosing a copy of it. DH Villas denies any liability in case of disputes between the owner and the customer relative to the security deposit.

Some properties in the DH Villas catalog do not require the payment of a security deposit, which is replaced by insurance coverage for accidental damage caused to the property during the guest’s stay, included in the rental price. Coverage starts from the moment the tenant receives the keys of the property and ends when he returns them at the end of the stay. In case of damage found during the inspection of the property at the end of the stay, the customer will sign the declaration to report the damage in the presence of the owner or his representative, who will handle the accident report. To consult all the coverage specifications, the maximum expected value and limitations, download the file here.

At the time the reservation is made, the customer is asked to indicate the exact number of adults and children taking part to the stay; moreover the customer making the booking shall give his date and place of birth, codice fiscale if born in Italy and identification document.
The information sheet of each property on the web site indicates the maximum capacity for each structure. This number (adults-­children) can not be absolutely exceeded.
DH Villas shall be kept informed and will have the right to approve any replacement or increase in the guests’composition that may verify in the property during the stay, alwaysd in agreement with the owner of the house who will be entitled to possible additional supplement. In the absence of notice from the customer, the owner reserves the right to dismiss guests exceeding the number communicated for said property. All properties will be set up according to the booking form filled and signed by the customer at the moment of the reservation. In case of changes in the number of guests present or in the bedroom arrangement at arrival, the owner who has not been previously informed by the agency and who has not accepted possible changes will not be bound to respect them. If the owner agrees to satisfy the customers’will, they will always be required to pay for the possible requested supplements.

DH Villas is at complete disposal to provide baby cots, cribs and high chairs for babies. Most of our properties offer the first cot free of charge, whereas any additional requested cot is usually available at an extra fee which might vary depending on the structure. We kindly ask to communicate the number of cots needed thorugh the booking form, at least 30 days prior the arrival day. It is recalled that babies who fall into this category are infant under 2 years old.

Each property description indicates whether pets are allowed or not, the maximum number welcomed and type of size accepted. It is also mentioned when an additional cleaning fee is requested to be paid to the owner at arrival. At the moment of the reservation, the customer is asked to communicate the presence of pets that will be brought to the structure specifying size and number. The owner may forbid entrance to the property to those customers who will bring with them pets without previous notice at the moment of the reservation, or may not accept pets when their number or size is above those ones mentioned by property description. DH Villas underlines that pets must be accompanied by vaccination and insurance documents required by law and that there is a regulation which prohibits for them swimming in the pool, the use of any type of linen present in the structure, the obligation for the owner to collect pet’s needs and not to leave them unattended during your stay. If the above rules are not respected, the owner reserves the right to request an extra fee to cover any damage caused to the property due to the presence of pets or for additional costs due to extra cleaning. In case of special exceptions agreed with the agency at the time of booking for structures that usually do not allow pets, you are asked to pay particular attention to the same conditions mentioned above.

Without authorization from DH Villas and the owner of the structure guests are not allowed to organize events at the villa (birthday parties, weddings, theme parties, anniversaries, etc.) and it is therefore not permitted to personally organize catering services, music and other services that require external staff. For special requests it is necessary to make arrangements with DH Villas before confirming the booking; in case of acceptance by the owner it is possible that extra costs may be requested in addition to the rental price based on the type of event.

Weekly house cleaning is included in the weekly rental price, unless otherwise specified in the property description of the house published on the web site and catalogue. Weekly cleaning (for accommodation facilities only) does not include cleaning of kitchen and garbage disposal. The property shall be left in good hygienical conditions in all of its components and furnishings. If not the case, the customer shall pay the owner or his representative the cost necessary for the cleaning. It’s up to the customer to take care of the garbage disposal from the property, unless otherwise indicated.
In the event guests do not comply with this rule, the owner or his representative will have the right to ask for an additional fee for this service.
Kitchen shall be left clean and tidy. If for any reason, even concerning time, guests could not clean the kitchen and tools before their departure, the owner will have the right to ask for an extra fee for kitchen cleaning.

Pools will be open in the period mentioned in each property description (effective opening times during low season, when scheduled or agreed, might possibly be influenced also by weather conditions). Possible openings outside the indicated period shall be agreed with the owner and will demand the payment of an extra fee.

In the event of exceptional maintenance or intervention necessary for the good continuance of the holiday, customers could not forbid in any way the entrance to the property of the owner or responsible for the structure, being understood that the owner will always give prior notice and ask for the presence of the guests. In case guests could not be present during the work execution, the owners or their representative could always enter the structure, if needed, to carry out any necessary repair service.

Based on Art. 4 of the Decree Law no.23 of 14thMarch 2011, Italian towns considered to be much attractive for tourists have the authority to approve a tourist tax at the expense of the visitors and intended to finance the interventions in the tourist sector,  including  those  in  support  of accommodation  facilities,  maintenance services, use and recovery of cultural and environmental heritage, local public services. This tax is applied to each overnight stay (cost per person/night) and the amounts (variable cost generally between € 0,50  and  € 5,00  per  person/night)  are  indicated  by  the  town  where  the  property  is located; possible exemptions might be applied. If due, the tax shall be paid by cash to the responsible of the property before departure; the amounts will be notified to the guests by the owner.

Guests are kindly requested to comply with the behavioral norms in force in our Country. Guests shall respect rules of caution and diligence and shall comply with regulations and administrative or legislative provisions. During the stay, it is required to take care of the house and property in all of its parts. It is absolutely forbidden to move furniture inside the house, bring furniture or furnishings from the internal to the external of the house and/or use them in improper ways. In the event a guest does not comply with the rules of good conduct and in case this might cause damages to the structure or furnishings, both inside or outside the structure with reference to pool and garden equipment, the owner will have the right, at his sole discretion, to end the rental contract by oral notice to the guests and by written communication to the agency and will be entited to ask for the immediate departure of the customer from the property. DH Villas denies any liability in the case of disputes between the customer and owner. In the event of legal actions, the owner will provide the customer with information about the Competent Court. The person signing the booking form is meant to be responsible jointly and severally liable towards the owner and DH Villas for the behaviour of the group’s members during the rental period. DH Villas declines all responsibility for personal and/or valuable objects left unattended inside/outside the property.

In accordance with Italian Law and European Community Law dealing with guarantees for customers in the tourist sector and with the Regional Law no. 16 of 08/02/1992. DH Villas has stipulated the following insurance policy:
Civil and general liability:  Vittoria assicurazione – Polizza N. 51846973.
This insurance covers the civil liability of DH Villas di Alessandra Luchini & C. Snc, set in via dell’Industria 15, 61043 Cagli (PU), Italy – in its role of organizer and intermediary for travel and accommodation.
This insurance has been stipulated in accordance with the C.C.V. (Convenzione Internazionale sui Contratti di Viaggio) and the Directive CEE 90/314 assimilated by the regional law of Le Marche Region.

The National Guarantee Fund (art. 100 of the new Consumer Code which came into force on Oct. 25th 2005) was established to protect consumers with a travel contract, it provides for refund of the price paid by the customer in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy of the seller (tour operator or travel agency) or organizer. The mode of action of the National Guarantee Fund is established by a decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 23/07/1999, n. 349. Guarantee Fund under Article. 21 of Decree Law 111/1995 established at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
Personal data and other details acquired by our Agency while performing its task will be subject to secrecy and treated in compliance with the privacy policy and the rights of the person through the systematic use of appropriate measures of protection and guarantee, set both for paper and electronic processing of data and measured to the peculiarity of the data itself (simple personal data or sensitive or judicial data). Pursuant to the effects of the Legislative Decree 196/03, we inform the customer that his personal data will be processed only for purposes determined by the contract (including accounting and administrative purposes). It is also recalled that such data could be used for commercial and promotional activities relative to the services provided by our Agency. For this last purpose, an expressed consent for treatment is required. The absence of the customer’s consent will not allow our Company to use the personal data for commercial activities.


All travelers can request DH Villas to stipulate a Europ Assistance collective insurance policy, for the only guarantee Lease Cancellation Expenses Insurance. The policy must be requested at the time of booking and paid in full within 48 hours after confirmation, in order to allow activation and adequate coverage.


If the Insured Party should need to cancel the stay booked, for reasons or events that can objectively be documented and could not be foreseen at the time of booking, affecting:

– the Insured Party him/herself directly and/or his/her family members;
– the joint-owner of the associated firm/business directly;

Europ Assistance will refund the penalty, applied contractually by the Tourist Operator:

– to the Insured, and provided that they are insured and registered on the same practice:
– to cohabiting family members:
– to one of the traveling companions;

In the case of more insured persons registered for the trip together and at the same time, in the absence of other persons of the same cohabiting family member, the latter will indicate one person as a “traveling companion”.

The guarantee excludes cases of renunciation caused by:
a. misconduct of the Insured Party or serious negligence;
b. theft, robbery, loss of identification and/or travel/stay/rental documents;
c. mental diseases and psychological disturbances in general, including cerebral organic syndromes, schizophrenia, paranoia, manic-depressive forms and related consequences/complications;
d. state of pregnancy or consequent pathological situations in cases where conception was prior to the date on which stay was booked;
e. injury, illness or death occurring prior to confirmation of the stay;
f. illnesses that are the expression or direct consequence of chronic or pre-existing pathological situations in place at the time the stay/rental was confirmed;
g. consequences and/or complications of injuries that took place prior to confirming the stay;
h. situations of armed conflict, invasion, acts by foreign enemies, hostilities, war, strikes, uprisings, popular tumult, acts of terrorism, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, atmospheric phenomena classed as natural disasters, atom nucleus transmutation, radiation caused by the artificial acceleration, radiation caused by the artificial acceleration of atomic particles;
i. bankruptcy of the Carrier or Travel Agency or Organiser of travel/stay/rental;
j. epidemics classed as pandemics, of such a severity and virulence as to entail a high level of mortality or to require restrictive measures in order to reduce the risk of transmission to the civil population, quarantine;
k. deposits and/or advances that are not justified by penalty tax documents;
l. failure by the Insured Party to send the communication (pursuant to the section “OBLIGATIONS OF THE INSURED PARTY IN THE EVENT OF A CLAIM”) before the travel/stay start date, except for cases of cancellation caused by death or hospitalisation of at least 24 consecutive hours (excluding day hospital and accident & emergency) of a family member.

In the event of forced renunciation of stay/rental, the Insured Party must:

– within five calendar days of the onset of the cause of the renunciation and in any case before the stay/rental start date, make a declaration – accessing the website https://sinistrionline.europassistance.it and following the instructions (or accessing the website www.europassistance.it,claims section, directly)

– must send a fax to 02.58477137

– with a written declaration addressed to: Ufficio Liquidazione Sinistri (Annullamento Viaggio/soggiorno) (Claims Liquidation Office (Travel/Stay Cancellation)- Europ Assistance Italia S.p.A. – Piazza Trento, 8 – 20135 Milan, specifying:

– first name, last name, address, telephone number, tax code;
– Europ Assistance card number;
– the reason for the cancellation;
– place at which the Insured Party or persons causing the cancellation (family member, joint-owner of the associated firm/business) can be contacted;

If the renunciation to stay/rental is caused by illness and/or injury, the declaration must also specify:

– the type of pathology;
– the pathology start and end

Within 15 days of the above declaration, the Insured Party must also provide Europ Assistance Italia S.p.A. with the following documents:

– copy of the Europ Assistance card if held by the Insured Party;
– original documentation able to provide objective proof of the cause of renunciation;
– documentation showing the connection between the Insured Party and any party causing the renunciation;
– in the event of illness or injury, medical certificate stating the date of the injury or onset of the illness, the specific diagnosis and days’ prognosis;
– in the event of hospitalisation, a true copy of the original medical record;
– in the event of death, the death certificate;
– stay/rental registration document or similar document;
– receipts (deposit, balance, penalty) of payment of the stay or rental;
– billing statement of confirmation as issued by the Travel Agency/Organisation;
– invoice of the Travel Agency/Organisation in relation to the penalty charged;
– travel regulation and programme of stay/rental;
– travel/stay/rental documents (visas, etc.).

Europ Assistance has the right to gain possession of travel and/or rental documents not used by the Insured Party.
Breach of the obligations relating to the declaration of the Claim may result in the loss of a right to Indemnity, in accordance with art. 1915 of the Italian Civil Code.

The penalty charged against the Insured Party will be reimbursed in full, excluding administration fees, agency fees, registration fees, for the total cancellation of the file, up to the maximum cover of Euro 15,000.00 per file.
It is agreed that individual travel shares will not be recognised.

Europ Assistance reimburses the cancellation penalty:
1. in the event of forced renunciation of stay/rental caused by hospitalisation (excluding day hospital and accident & emergency) or death; the penalty will be reimbursed without applying any excess;
2. in the event of renunciation not caused by hospitalisation or death, the penalty will be refunded with the application of a deductible amount equal to 20% of the total penalty; if the penalty should exceed the maximum cover, the deductible amount will be calculated on the latter.

It is agreed that the calculation of the reimbursement will be equivalent to the percentages existing as at the date on which the event took place (art. 1914 of the Italian Civil Code). Therefore, if the Insured Party should cancel the trip after the event, any greater penalty will be at his/her expense.

The Insured Party releases any doctors, who may be appointed to examine the claim and who examined him before or after the claim, from constraints to professional secrecy with regards to Europ Assistance.

The guarantee “Cancellation of travel and rental” runs from midnight on the day on which the stay/rental is booked and shall remain in force until the envisaged arrival at the structure booked.

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Dear guest, below you will find a few tips for making your vacation as pleasant as possible:
ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIMES: Please try to arrive at your vacation home between 4:00pm and 7:00pm and to leave it, at the end of your vacation, by 10:00am. This will allow the owners to ensure that the house is carefully cleaned between one client and the next. If you must arrive before or after the suggested times, please advise us in advance to prevent any inconveniences.
NUMBER OF GUESTS: Please let us know the exact number of guests (adults and children, please indicate the ages of the children) who will be staying at the vacation home. We remind you that for your safety, the number of guests must not exceed that indicated in your contract.
WELCOME: At the moment of your arrival you will find the owner or one of our representatives to greet you and give you a tour of your vacation home and explain how all of the appliances and lights work. You will also be given all of the information necessary for a problem free vacation.
SECURITY DEPOSIT:  Please remember to pay the security deposit – if due – directly to the owner upon your arrival to prevent unpleasant misunderstandings
LINENS: You will be provided with a complete set of bed linens. For multiple week rentals, the bed linens (unless otherwise indicated in your contract) will be changed on Saturday. If you would like the linens to be changed more frequently, please notif us when making your reservation.
DH VILLAS CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE: Our staff will be happy to provide you any assistance you may require. Please notify us immediately of any problems which you may encounter during your vacation. In this way we will be able to everything in our power to ensure prompt action in resolving the problem.
POOL: The season in which the pool is open is indicated on each property information sheet on DH Villas’website. Every pool is cleaned regularly during your vacation. If you would like for the pool to be opened in periods other than those indicated in your contract, please notify us when making your reservation. This will be possible, subject to acceptance by the owner and weather permitting.
PARK / GARDEN: Maintenance of the grounds is included. The maintenance crew will do everything in its power not to disturb your vacation. We kindly ask that you collaborate by accepting the presence (as discreet as possible) maintenance personnel.
AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING: For the properties provided with air conditioning and heating, the relative costs will be indicated in the information sheets.
SAFETY: We advise our clients to close doors and windows at night and when they are not at home.
DISHWASHERS: We kindly ask our clients to rinse plates, flatware and cookware before placing them in the dishwasher.
BATHROOMS: We kindly ask our clients not to throws sanitary napkins or other non biodegradable objects in the toilets.
ELECTRICITY: We recommend that our clients not use all of the electrical appliances simultaneously to prevent overloading the system, and to turn off the outdoor lights before going to bed.
ADDITIONAL SERVICES: The cost of these services is indicated online in the property information sheet of DH Villas’website and also noted on your booking form.