Half for the excitement of a new adventure, half for the great summer traffic and the many driving hours, the journey to a holiday house sometimes concerns us. In a previous article I gave some tips about how to get ready for your stay at the villa, what to pack and everything you need to know about check-in and check-out. Today, I really want to say something about the travel documents to arrive at your destination and the importance they have…keep on reading!


travel documentsThese are the documents that the agency sends you to reach the property; there you’ll find the house address, a short description of the street directions and the gps coordinates.
Usually the meeting point with the owners or keyholder is directly at the holiday house; if not, in this document you’ll find the exact address and indications relative to the meeting place from where you’ll start your way to the accommodation together. The short descriptive section indicates the highway exit and the most critical crossroads, of which pictures are also often provided.
My advice: be careful to pictures but do not focus too much on details, as there might have been changes from the time pictures were taken (richer or poorer vegetation, buildings of different colours, etc). Don’t get confused! GPS is certainly a great help, that’s why you’ve provided with gps coordinates as well. However, most of the holiday houses are set at the countryside and roads are not always correctly mapped or the gps signal might be weak. Then, try to follow the directions indicated in the document, that surely suggest the easiest and shortest way.


travel documents


These documents are available and can be downloaded through your reserved area of the agency’s web site, in the apposite section referred to bookings, under the voice documents.

Make sure you have a hard copy that is more practical to consult than the phone!
Don’t wait till last day to print it, always check the itinerary at least one week in advance so that if you’ve doubts or remarks, the agency can reply to you in good time and not close to your departure.


travel documents
These documents are usually sent at the time of balance; an email will inform you as soon as they’re available on line.

In case you didn’t receive this notice, write the agency or check directly in your reserved area…DON’T wait till the last second before departure!

Don’t forget!

travel documentsThe agency always provides you with the phone contact of the person who’s going to welcome you at the house; this number is normally written in the travel documents or in the voucher that summarizes all details of your stay (name of the person who did the reservation, number of guests, price paid, charges at arrival, etc). Save this number on your phone book before leaving, as it will be your reference contact in case of issues finding the right road, to report delays and receive assistance during the whole stay. Please remember, the agency is available in case of need, but as it is not on site you won’t have the same support that only the owner could give.

Write me in the comments if you have any question or want to share your experience, I’d be more than happy to reply! 🙂


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