Sun, sea, great food and a good dose of culture…this is Senigallia, one of the main tourist resorts of Le Marche region. This city is located in the province of Ancona, between the hill landscape of Le Marche countryside and the Adriatic coast – 14 km of fine sand beaches better known as Velvet Beach (Spiaggia di Velluto). The area is even rewarded with the Blue Flag (Bandiera Blu) which guarantees safe quality of water and proper management of the environment.


Walking around the historic centre

Let’s start from one of the most important monuments of the city, the Rocca Roveresca – a medieval fortress built to defend the town against attacks from the sea. Today it houses art exhibitions and prestigious cultural events. Another place that has become a real symbol since 1993 is the Rotonda a Mare, with its original shell shape. It is an attractive meeting place suspended between the sea and the land where throughout the year entertainment and tourism promotion projects are offered for the entire region. I strongly recommend you to visit it in the evening…the sea view is truly priceless!
The Annonario Forum is also worth a visit; with its circular structure, it is the historical site of the weekly city market and during summertime it’s also setting for shows and concerts.
The centre is full of historic buildings such as Palazzo Mastai, Palazzetto Baviera and Palazzo del Duca with its beautiful square once used as a place for parades and military exercises; here you can admire the Fountain of the Ducks (or of the Lions). Piazza Roma houses instead the seventeenth-century building Palazzo del Governo and is enriched by the Neptune Fountain and the impressive façade of the house of Giulio Carlo Fagnani, a famous mathematician from Senigallia. On the right bank of the river Misa, the Ercolani arcades offer a suggestive sequence of one hundred and twenty arches made of Istrian stone, built to accommodate the many merchants who came to the city. In your visit you can’t miss some of the greatest city churches and museums: the church della Croce – in late Renaissance style contrasting with the lavish baroque interior, it houses the Burial of Christ by Federico Barocci; the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie – located just outside the city and that hosts the History Museum of Mezzadria (sharecropping); the Diocesan Art Gallery of Sacred Art – which preserves precious paintings by famous artists and hosts exhibitions as well as cultural events; the Museum of Modern Art Information and Photography.
Extend you visit and have a guided tour through the underground of Senigallia, an entire archaeological area located below the theatre La Fenice where you can admire the remains of an ancient Roman city.

Rocca Roveresca, Palazzetto Baviera, Palazzo del Duca – Piazza del Duca
Rotonda a mare – Piazzale della Libertà
Church della Croce – Via Gherardi
Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie – Strada Comunale delle Grazie, 2 (on hilltop, about 2 km from city centre)
Museum of Modern Art Information and Photography – Via Pisacane, 84
Archaeological area La Fenice – Viale Leopardi, La Fenice theatre
Diocesan Art Gallery – Piazza Garibaldi 3

Let’s all go to the beach!

The seafront of Senigallia is close to the historic centre so you can easily get there on foot or by bike, as it is flanked by a bike path as well. You’ll find a series of beach resorts equipped with every comfort and offering the best entertainment and sports facilities, both for adults and kids. Speaking of kids, you need to know that water is not so deep and beaches are very clean, so you’ll be able to relax even when travelling with the little ones! If you can’t stop checking your email or share pictures on social networks even when you’re lying on the beach, you can choose among many beach resorts that have a free wi-fi service. The Senigallia coastline is divided by the port channel into Northern Seafront (west beach) and Southern Seafront (eastern beach); both areas are connected by a pedestrian drawbridge. You should visit the port area in the early hours of the morning to watch the ferment of fishermen and take pictures of the picturesque market or buy fresh fish to cook at your holiday house. Senigallia is the land of fish, don’t miss a half-day or full-day boat trip…in addition to the wonderful sea view, you can try fishing the prized blue-fin tuna and enjoy excellent lunches or happy hours on board. Contact me to learn more about this service!


Senigallia by night

At night the city changes its aspect and it’s fun for everyone! Swarms of people pour through the streets of the historic centre where, especially in summer, there are all kinds of shows and events. At sunset have a great cocktail in one of the beach-side bars or cafés and for your dinners, choose one of the restaurants overlooking the sea where fresh fish is a guarantee! If you don’t like being at the beach and prefer more exclusive pool parties, there are many places where you can spend your evenings.


The home of sport

Playing sports in Senigallia is a real must. If you are a sportsperson bring all your stuff with you on vacation! Stadiums, swimming pools, skating rinks, sports palaces, tennis fields and much more…this city offers you the highest quality sports facilities. During summertime there are lots of sea activities such as boat trips, fishing and several variants of sports water. If you want to learn more, check out this guide or directly contact the sport centre:


Guidelines for events and festivals

Throughout the year but mostly during summertime, Senigallia’s calendar is rich in amazing events for all audience types: food & wine festivals, cultural meetings and fun entertaining shows.

CATERRADUNO (Entertainment and shows, mid-June) – This event is dedicated to the Italian radio program Caterpillar: shows, comedians and concerts!

FESTA DELLA MUSICA EUROPEA (European Music Festival, every 21st June) – This is an international event involving this city since 2002. Streets, squares, museums, gardens and yards are crowded with professional and amateur musicians to experience the real essence of music.

senigallia marcheLA NOTTE DELLA ROTONDA (Entertainment and shows, mid-July) – This celebration is dedicated to the Rotonda a Mare, a monument which has become the symbolof the city. Shows, music, firework displays and open shops in the streets of the historic centre for all night long.





senigallia marcheCUCINE DI BORGO (Festival of local Food and Wine) – Festival dedicated to food & wine traditions for the rediscovery of local typical products and dishes, while tasting the great wines of the Senigallia area.






senigallia marcheSUMMER JAMBOREE (from the end of July till mid-August) – This is the most important rock’n’roll festival of the country. The city gets back to the ’40s and ’50s with themed parties taking place in the historic centre and beaches clubs, concerts with famous singers from all over the world, car and motorbike exhibitions, stands with objects of that times such as the juke box and classic vinyls. You’ll even find hairdressers and barbers ready to cut you hair in that style. Wear the most vintage clothes you have and show off the look of those years!



senigallia marcheSPETTACOLO PIROTECNICO SUL MARE (Fireworks over the sea, end of August) – The event takes place at Senigallia’s pier. An amazing show of lights and fires enlivens the whole seafront. Get to the beach and enjoy the breathtaking view!






senigallia marchePANE NOSTRUM (International Festival of bread, September) – This is a food & wine event taking place in the historic centre of Senigallia. All squares of the city turn to open air bakeries so you can taste original flavours of past culinary traditions.






FIERA DI SANT´AGOSTINO (Local fair, end of August) – Historical fair with stands of any kind and local products’ exhibitors.

NOTTI TINTE (Entertainment and shows, July) – The Velvet Beach lights up creating a really impressive scenery. Music, dance shows, theatre performances, concerts entertain the audience and many celebrities are involved in the event.


Gourmet cuisine

The city of Senigallia is also famous for its high quality cuisine, always accompanied by equally delicious wines. The Michelin Guide itself – the bible of world restaurants – awarded two local restaurants with two stars each! But good food can be also found in the inns, pizzerias and kiosks, which maintain and sometimes revisit past cooking traditions for a sensational mix of flavours. Fish is the undoubted star of this culinary journey. Among the dishes that can not be missed out of Senigallia’s specialties: the grilled fish “sa la mollica” – that is breadcrumb seasoned with garlic and fresh parsley, the mixed fried fish of the Adriatic and the Senigallia soup – 13 different types of fish simmered on fried onions, tomato and vinegar. To accompany these meals you should order a glass of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi or Bianchello del Metauro. If you are on a diet, this is the time to bend the rules because I am going to advise some really tasty dishes, which are probably less elegant but still so delicious! On top of first courses, the vincisgrassi, earliest example of all oven baked lasagna of Italy. Among the meat dishes you can enjoy the roasted goose or rosted pork, slowly cooked in a wood-fired oven and flavoured with wild fennel. For roast pork I recommend you a glass of Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, an excellent red wine from these hills, whereas other roast meat variants can be accompained by the Rosso Conero, a precious Montepulciano infused with the saltiness of the Adriatic. Try the salami of Frattula with a slice of pizza made with pecorino cheese – once mainly eaten during Easter – or with some good bread, produced with local wheat flour. The favourite sweet of local people is the so called ciambellone (bundt cake), which becomes even more inviting at Christmas when it is combined with a good glass of vino di visciole (cherry wine). During the harvest period all bakeries of the city and expert housewives are used to prepare the ciambelle – donuts with grape must, flavoured with anise aroma. Senigallia also excels in the organic sector, today famous thanks to the hard wheat – used to make excellent pasta and the Raggia oil variety from the hills surrounding Senigallia.


To enjoy your stay in Le Marche and experience local habits and traditions of this territory, I suggest you these three villas, equipped with every comfort.
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