San Clemente is one of 9 towns belonging to the Malatesta nobility, within the Valley of the Conca. It is located in the Province of Rimini, in the Emilia Romagna region at about 179 meters above sea level. Its excellent position allows to reach the different seaside cities of the Riviera, such as Riccione, Cattolica and Misano in a very short time. The village of San Clemente is renowned for the Sangiovese wine, one of the best variety produced in the Romagna area. It is no coincidence that the town is part of the National Association ‘Wine Cities’, to which an important Festival is dedicated. Beyond its thriving farming activity, this town is definitely geared towards food and wine and promotes many events for the preservation of old traditions.

The Village of San Clemente

The centre of San Clemente is surrounded by the massive walls of the Malatesta Castle and crossed by a unique central road that leads to the main square, Piazza Mazzini, where you’ll find the Town Hall and the Parish Church of San Clemente, built in the XIX century by the architect Luigi Poletti, designer of the City Theatre in Rimini. Inside, you can admire a painting of the Holy Family by the 18th century painter from Rimini, Giovan Battista Costa. Next to the church there’s the East Gate also said Town Tower, dating back to the Baroque period and displaying a stone that the town dedicated to the great poet Giustiniano Villa, who used to write his verses in dialect. Situated a few kilometers from the centre of San Clemente, the villages of Agello and Castelleale are really worth a visit.

The Sea

The coast can be reached in a heartbeat. Riccione is the nearest seaside destination, but also Rimini, Cattolica, Misano Adriatico and many other towns of the coast are within easy reach. The entire coast is rich in beach resorts that are well equipped for families and young people, with no lack of attractions. Clubs, amusement parks, fashion boutiques and many events make the summer days very lively here!

Events in San Clemente

In addition to the Wine Festival organized in the month of May, where you can taste and buy the best of the local production, in the month of July, another great event is organized and is called “ Wine Notes ”, again dedicated to wine and local cuisine with tastings of local products. This event takes place during four evenings accompanied by concerts and shows of all kinds. During the first weekend of June instead, there is the event “Come una volta” (As in the past) a vernacular poetry contest, followed by culinary challenges from the various hamlets.

Romagna Cuisine

Not surprisingly, fish is the key product along the Riviera. It’s always fresh and cooked in many different ways. Another very popular product is piadina, a kind of flatbread. The entire region is renowned worldwide for its cured meats and cheeses including Parma ham, Modena DOP ham, Bologna IGP Mortadella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino cheese, Formaggio di Fossa etc. Even the Castrated Romagna Beef is one of the outstanding products in the Rimini province. As for the main courses, in addition to cappelletti, tagliatelle and passatelli, a great specialty is the fried gnocco. Besides the excellent extra-virgin olive oil Colline di Romagna” DOP, wines are the main protagonists: Trebbiano, Pagadebit or Biancame of the DOC Colli di Rimini and Romagna, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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