If it is the first time you’re staying in a holiday home, I want to show you some simple rules to make your stay truly enjoyable, avoiding those little issues that can sometimes affect our experience.
A few tips to become the perfect guest 😉

1. Safety

I’m sure you never leave the entrance door of your house open, while the whole family is out … this is a golden rule even when you rent a villa! Always remember to close and lock the gate, the entrance doors and all the windows. Keep carefully the keys and devices that the owner provides you.

2. Cleaning

The property will be delivered clean and tidy, so even if you are on holiday, try to keep the kitchen and all equipment in a good condition, avoid moving furniture from inside the villa to the outside and always enter the pool after having a shower to get rid of creams or tanning lotions that will get the water dirty.

3. Rubbish

Although related to the point above, this subject deserves further clarification.
Every town in Italy has different rules regarding waste management which must be followed. Make sure you comply with those ones set for your holiday home, carefully following the collection instructions provided by the owners.

4. House equipment

Relaxing in the pool area is fantastic, but you necessarily need to take care of all its equipment. In case of strong winds, remember to close the sun umbrellas – the same if you’re out on a trip or excursion. Always store the sunbeds and cushions of the outdoor sofas in the dedicated covered space, this way they will not get wet if it rains and will not be damp when the sun comes out again.

5. Water and electricity

Many areas of Italy during the summer suffer from droughts. Keep water consumption to standard usage, trying to avoid wastage. As regards electricity, you should not use all appliances at the same time to avoid overloading the system and always switch off all outside lights before going to sleep.

The villa you have chosen will be YOUR house for the whole stay … treat it as if it really were! The stay will be much more pleasant for you and for other future guests. Let me know in the comment section what other rules you would add in order to experience a perfect stay!

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