Petrano Mount is part of the Umbria-Le Marche Apennines and is located in the territory of the town of Cagli, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. I have lots of memories of this place, as a child I often went there in the summertime with my family to have long walks, play bocce and have succulent picnics! 🙂 It’s never too crowded and lends itself to all kinds of tourists, from sportsmen to readers, from families to groups of friends … I’m sure you’ll love it too!

A spectacular view!

Monte Petrano rises between the Nerone and Catria ranges and is the lowest among the main peaks of the Apennines in Pesaro, being located at 1162 metres above sea level. What makes it different is that even at 1100 metres altitude, it looks like a vast plateau with immense meadows. The summit is 60 metres higher and it’s called La Rocchetta. The view is breathtaking on all four sides of the mountain and overlooks the entire province, from the Adriatic Sea to the fortresses of San Marino and Umbria region. In the spring you can even see the amazing flowering of the daffodils, along with many other flowers such as orchids, violets and forget-me-nots. There are many varieties of mushrooms, including the tasty turini and prugnoli, usually served with fresh hand-made pasta such as tagliatelle and ravioli.

What to do

Once you reached the top, you can practice all sorts of outdoor activities, including relaxation! There’s nothing better than lying on a blanket in the shade of a tree 🙂 Kids can have fun running, playing in the meadows and cycling. You can also bring your pets, they will enjoy a bit of mountain scenery! If you want to stop for lunch or dinner, you will find two bars or if you like to do-it-yourself, there are picnic tables in different areas and authorised barbecues. Obviously it is the perfect destination for hiking, with a discrete pathway network which develops above all in the slopes and into the woods, giving wild, inaccessible views, much different from the meadows at the summit.

Thanks to the strong winds blowing in the area, at certain times of the year the meadows are ideal for kite buggying and land boarding with traction kites. Generally between the end of April and the beginning of May there are gatherings and events for fans. If you cannot give up on your bike, you can bring it on the climb … it will be a rather demanding but equally satisfying journey! Petrano Mount is also suitable for camper travellers and offers an equipped area with essential services, open during the summer season from June to September. Those who love adventures and are willing to give up some comfort can opt for a night in a tent, watching the amazing scenery from sunset till dawn.

The trails

petrano mountThe main route is part of the Trail Italy, which cuts across the entire mountain coming from the town of Pianello to the south and after passing across the summit, it reaches Cagli on the north side. The beautiful route that comes from Secchiano has been recently restored and is perfectly accessible. Finally, there is another itinerary that comes from Pontedazzo, on the west side and completes a hiking trail that allows you to explore the mountain from all points. Unfortunately, this last trail is in a state of neglect and is likely to become inaccessible.

How to get there

petrano mountThe most convenient road to reach the Petrano summit is the one leaving from the centre of the town of Cagli, nearby the famous Torrione. It is paved and you can drive there safely; it is  about 10 km long with bends through the woods that cover the northern slopes of the mountain, with fantastic panoramic views. There are two other ways of access, but I do not recommend them because of poor maintenance.

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