Have you ever had to miss out on a trip with family or friends for the love of your pet? Much has been done in Italy during recent years to make this type of holiday more affordable, since many families have dogs or cats which can not stay at home all alone. In addition, the opportunity to bring along your pet makes holidays even more enjoyable for everyone!
If you’re not yet organised, here is a list of pet-friendly beaches in Emilia Romagna, so you don’t have to give up your holiday anymore! There are many beaches on the Romagna Riviera which are very happy to accommodate your pets and set for them the best relaxing areas.



Bagno 39, Cigno

Viale Porto Palos, 3A locality Viserbella
Beach resort equipped with pet showers, bowls and waste bags. Health card and vaccination register have to be shown upon registration.

Bagno 81, No Problem

Seafront Giuseppe Di Vittorio, 28 locality Marina Centro
Beach resort entirely dedicated to pets with 100 sun umbrellas and more than 50 exclusive fenced-in areas. It also offers a mobility pet area where your dog could run and play. Dog-sitters and vet upon client request. Additional services offered: bowls with fresh water, mats, dog waste bags, and sunbeds upon request.

Bagno 80 Lamberto

Seafront Giuseppe Di Vittorio, locality Marina Centro
Area equipped with leash under sun umbrellas, dog bowls and food, fountains with shower.

Bagno 85 Gibo

Seafront Vittorio, 34
Pet-friendly beach since 2011, equipped with showers, fountains, mats, dog bowls, dog waste bags, playground where dogs can run free. Health card and vaccination register have to be shown. Vet upon client request.



Bagno 38, Egisto

Viale Dati 113h locality Viserba
North of Rimini you can relax in this beach resort that offers a small swimming pool besides dog mats, bowls, waste bags and showers. Leash is compulsory. The complex is also partner of the Summer Dog centre Lago Riviera, a pet-friendly structure where qualified staff will take care of your dog for a half day, a full day or even longer. Fun fact: the bar of the Egisto beach also prepares ice-creams for your dog! Not only dogs, but also cats, ferrets, turtles, rabbits and inseparable birds are welcome.



Bagno 23

Malibù Viale Torino, zona 23
Exclusive area, sun umbrellas, dog bowls, fountains, showers.

Bagno 27

Casali Zona di Spiaggia 27
Suitable for small and mid-size pets.

Bagno 97 – Spiaggia delle Donne

Seafront Costituzione
Shower service and dog bowls; only small and mid-size pets are allowed.


Bellaria Igea Marina

Bagno 72

Viale Pinzon
All-size pets are welcome, fenced-in areas, playground.



Dog beach, Bagno Corallo

Viale Carducci 45 loc. Villamarina
Health certification required, dog bowls with water, spades. Cabin with shower available.

Bagno Wanda

Western Seafront, 75
The beach resort Wanda includes an additional area dedicated to pets called Wanda Bau Beach, offering sun umbrellas for clients with dogs of small or mid-size. The restaurant area is pet-friendly and you could order their meal as well. Leash and health card are compulsory.

Bagno Mundial

Viale dei Pini, 97 Zadina
There are 8 sun umbrellas available for clients with pets. Specific areas to avoid compromising others clients’ stay.

Free Beach

In the area of the western colonies of Cesenatico there is a stretch of free coastline suitable for dogs.


Ravenna coast

Bagno Amarissimo

Viale Romagna n.325 Lido di Savio
Equipped dog area.

Bagno Aloha Beach

Located at the beach of Marina Romea.
24 dedicated sun umbrellas.

Bagno Marisa

Located at the beach of Marina Romea.
Wide fenced-in playground; exclusive area for pets and equipped area for boaters.

Bagno Cayo Loco

Located at the beach of Lido di Classe.
Equipped area for small size pets only.

Bagno La Duna degli Orsi

Located at the beach of Marina di Ravenna

Bagno Papirriki

Located at the beach of Marina Romea

Bagno Profumo di mare

Punta Marina n.74
20 sun umbrellas 4 metres distant from each other, dog bowls, spades, dog waste bags and water fountains. Here dogs have to be kept on their leashes and cannot swim in the sea by city ordinance. The beach complex includes a restaurant with tables suitable if you want to have lunch with your pets.

Bagno Overbeach

Via Ortolani, 1
Here your dogs can also swim in the sea.

Free beaches

Casalborsetti (RA) – About 50 metres of free beach, south of the beach resort “OVER BEACH”; dogs can also swim in the sea.

Lido di Classe(RA) – About 30 metres of free beach,north of the cliff, cross the mouth of the River Savio; dogs can also swim in the sea.

Lido di Dante (RA) – Free beach area south of the mouth of the Fiumi Uniti river, bordered with signs; dogs can also swim in the sea.


Some helpful suggestions to access pet-friendly beaches in Emilia Romagna

Have you seen how many beach resorts are willing to guest you and your four-legged friend along the Romagna Coast? I’ve still got a few more tips so you could better enjoy your holidays being sure you didn’t miss anything before leaving. To be allowed in the various beach resorts dogs must have their health card with all vaccinations in order for any possible inspection. Be aware that every beach has specific internal regulations: some complexes may ask for a self-certification instead of the health card, but I recommend you to check this before getting to the beach. Moreover, they usually offer you a delimited area duly marked with signs, having a timetable and specific conditions of use. Normally they’re equipped with water fountains and provide further services for your pets’comfort. The availability of a vet is almost always guaranteed.


And for the dog owner?

The Romagna coast offers an infinite number of possibilities, not just for pets!
I’ve already written an article about that, you can read it here.


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