Have you already dediced where to spend your holidays at Pentecost?
If you’re still looking for the right destination, I want to give you my advice on where to celebrate this event Italy. On May 22nd 2016, a great folk festival will be organized in the Riviera Romagnola with amazing shows, exhibits, concerts and groups wearing typical costumes of the Bavaria. A kind of exchange betweek Italy and Germany, becoming a real opportunity to make friends and find out more about typical German traditions. All the coast will be coloured in black, red and gold and you’ll find many attractions of this country! There will be the typical Bavarian food & drinks such as wurstels, pretzels and beer obviously, in the Oktoberfest style. You could always taste the delicacies of the local cuisine and benefit of the many services the coast offers to its visitors: from nightclubs and bars for fun-loving tourists, to the characteristic small sea restaurants where excellent fresh fish is always served! Also sport lovers could choose among a wide range of activities, from boat trips to water sports suitable for people of all ages. Don’t forget that here most famous brands are available so you’d better not leave without doing some shopping! During this “Deutschland tag” (German day),  as many people call it, you’ll be offered for free cocktails, beach days and many additional services. There will be great surprises for the kids and last but not least, sport car parades with Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, but also Ducati motorbikes ans lots of other little gems of the the Emilia Romagna industry.

This is it…a great unique mix of cultures! You probably don’t know that during this period summer season also begins and this is really the right moment to travel and get to these locations. Accommodation prices are much more convenient and the city is less crowded, so you’ll easily have access to all of those services that are usually hard to book during high season. Moreover, you’ll be able to visit many different places without standing on long endless queues! You know, even the most beautiful and unspoiled destination usually gets overcrowded during summertime and this inevitably bother tourists, who’re not able to take the most out of their stay.

Write me in the comments if you took part to this event and if you’d like this one to be organised again next year.

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Villa Oriente – Perticara (RN)

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Casa delle Ginestre – Montescudo (RN)

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Villa Silente – Sant’Agata Feltria (RN)

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