Montescudo is located in the region of Emilia Romagna and is a hamlet of Montescudo-Monte Colombo, in the province of Rimini. The town is surrounded by greenery and rises on a hill where you can enjoy a vast panorama stretching from the Romagna Riviera all the way to Le Marche region. Staying in this area is a really good choice: it allows you to be close to Rimini and Riccione, but without the hustle and bustle of the city, and  what’s more, it enables you to explore the hinterland of Rimini and Le Marche. A must-see destination is the Republic of San Marino, that’s about 10 km away. You could even tell you’ve been abroad twice during the same holiday 😉

Here are the main attractions and places of interest that you can visit in Montescudo!

The Castle of Albereto

It is a small medieval village that offers wonderful views of the Rimini coast. It is charcterised by its surrounding walls, the archaeological excavations of the drawbridge, the remainings of the Oratory of San Bernardino, the three round towers and the bell tower. This area is also accessible by foot and cycle paths, as well as by horseback, for those who cannot give up sports even while on vacation!

Albereto Forest

Highly recommended for a full immersion in pristine nature! It is a wooded spot of about 25 hectares and you can cross it entirely by foot. It will be a unique and unforgettable walk among rare plants, nice little animals and a truly picturesque environment.


The Ice-house

Are you curious to learn how people kept food before refrigerators? In one side of the main square, there is a rare example of an ice-house from the Malatesta times. Great holes were dug in the ground and coated with bricks or stones. During winter snow was collected and pressed down to become ice; food was placed in the middle or on top so it could be preserved throughout the summer! The Ice-house of Montescudo has a maximum depth of about 5.50 metres and an upper diameter of about 5.50 metres.


Rosaspina Theatre

It is located in the square of the small town, in the same building that houses the City Hall and dates from the early 1800s. During the year there are many festivals and shows here, including amusing comedies in dialect, which are very appreciated by the public, as well as prose, music and dance events.


Religious Buildings and Museums

Start your visit from the Parish Church of Montescudo, dedicated to Saints Biagio e Simeone, where a miraculous crucifix of XIV century is housed. In the town of Trarivi you can admire the medieval Church of Peace, largely destroyed during the II World War. Under the pile rubble, solid medieval walls were found almost intact. Here you can also vist the History Museum of the Eastern Gothic Line (Museo Storico della Linea Gotica Orientale), with its collection of war relics and evidences of the battles that took place in this area in 1944. In the hamlet of Valliano, immersed in the countryside, stands the Shrine of Valliano, built in the second half of the 1400s over the ruins of the medieval church. Here important fifteenth-century frescoes are preserved. The premises of the Valliano Rectory are home to a small educational museum, dedicated to farming culture and the role of the rural house. You will have the opportunity to learn trades, manners and customs of the local population. A section is dedicated to weaving and printed textile. In the hamlet of Santa Maria del Piano, which is surrounded by a rich vegetation, you’ll find an imposing XVIII century church, which still preserves its facade. It is located in the main square of the town and houses the painting with the image of the Madonna and Child, which gives the village its name. But main attraction of this village are its craft shops where artisans create real works of art in terracotta thanks to their mastery and the remarkable quality of the clay. I suggest a visit to buy a traditional or more modern piece of art.

Typical Products and Festivals

montescudoTypical products of Montescudo are wine, olive oil, cheese, honey and potatoes. In fact, potatoes are considered among the best variety of the Emilia Romagna region to make gnocchi, small potato balls served as a first course. They are also fried and used to make potato ice cream! The Potato Festival is held every second weekend of August with food stands in the centre of the town. Among the local dishes that are served you’ll find gnocchi, salt cod with potatoes, piadina Romagnola and other special delicacies, such as cakes and potato ice cream. It is also a perfect opportunity to taste the local wine, Monte dello Scudo, a superior Sangiovese and the oil Arimolio, produced in the Rimini hills. Fun is guaranteed with music and many other events. Entry is free and there is also a bus service and free parking!


To enjoy your stay in Emilia Romagna and experience local habits and traditions of this territory, I suggest you these three villas, equipped with every comfort.
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