Montefelcino is a charming little town of medieval origin located in Le Marche in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. At about 266 m above sea level it rises on a hill at a short distance from the Adriatic coast and it includes several hamlets such as: Sterpeti, Ponte degli Alberi, Villa Palombara, Fontecorniale, Monteguiduccio, Ville and Montemontanaro.

The centre of Montefelcino

The centre of Montefelcino is characterized by the imposing Feudal Palace, where the Count Fabio Landriani Della Rovere lived from 1570 to 1591. The Palace, today seat of the Town Hall, was restored in the late eighties and hosts the “town collection of contemporary art ” with many abstract works. At the base of the palace there is a small stone wall that witnesses the existence of a fortress created to defend the borders of the Dukedom of Urbino. The entire historic centre is surrounded by ancient city walls with an entrance door leading to the town. There are several churches to visit such as the Church of the Saints Pietro and Paolo and the Church of St. Severo. In the Church of the Saints Pietro and Paolo, located just outside the walls, there is a sandstone plaque of 1299 depicting two saints. It is one of the oldest remains of the parish church. The Church of St. Severo stands on a hill at about 1 km from Montefelcino. It is in Baroque style and furnished with valuable materials like the Murano chandeliers. Inside there is a precious wooden crucifix from the late fifteenth century and an altarpiece representing the patron saints. Nearby there is also the small Church of St. Maria Scala Coeli, the Church of St. Marco, the Church of St. Giovanni Battista and the Church of St. Pancrazio.

Events in Montefelcino

montefelcinoFrom mid-July to mid-August, every Tuesday evening from 18.00 to 24.00 there is an arts and crafts trade show known as Mercatino del Feudatario.
There are many attractions, parades with sixteenth-century costumes, art exhibitions, musical performances, antiques exhibitors from all over Italy and performances in medieval style. For the occasion, taverns and inns are set up with the typical cuisine of Le Marche. During the event you can also visit the Feudal Palace; in short, a summer event of great interest, defined as “the most original, seasonal market of the mid-Adriatic”.
In September, the reenactment of wine pressing gives life to the Grape festival, held in the historic centre and accompanied by wine tasting, singing and dancing. Another event not to be missed is The Metauro battle of Montefelcino with faithful reconstructions of military camps and typical activities from legionary and warrior training, to the weaving and yarn making by the Gallic women.

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