Today’s destination is the perfect place for a trip out of town, which you definitely cannot miss when spending your holidays in the Umbria region: the Marmore Falls. Take notes, let’s start our visit!

The Waterfall

marmore fallsAt about 8 km from the city of Terni, this waterfall is among the highest in Europe with a 165-metre drop. The origin of the name comes from the calcium salts present in the rocks which make them look like marble. It is incredibly a man-made work by the ancient Romans who designed this hydraulic system to drain the stagnant and marshy waters of the river Velino into the river Nera.
It is important to know that the water of the fall is used to supply a hydroelectric plant, so the drop is visible in its maximum flow only at scheduled times. The Marmore Falls can be reached from two different points: one is Belvedere Superiore (Vocabolo Cascata 30, Marmore), while the second is Belvedere Inferiore (Piazzale Felice Fatati No. 6, Collestatte Piano). You can move from one viewpoint to the other taking a footpath, or alternatively by car or bus service.

The trails

Although the spectacle of the waterfall seen from the bottom is already exciting enough, within the surrounding natural Park there is a hiking trail made up of 6 different paths suitable for all ages, which allow you to see the three drops of the waterfall much more closely and the rainbow that forms when sunlight meets water vapor. Find out more details about all trails and choose the one which better suites your needs:
During certain times of the year, the waterfall is open for a few hours even at dusk and under the guidance of an expert you can explore the magic of the wood during a walk of about an hour, with only the illumination of the falls and the little lights of the visitors.

The balcony of lovers

In front of the first drop of the waterfall, after about a 20-minute walk along trail 1, there is the so-called balcony of lovers, located at the end of the tunnel of the same name set in the rock. To cross it you will need a raincoat and at the end of the tunnel if you stretch out your arm you can even touch the waterfall! Is name is linked to the legend of Saint Valentine and it is said that only those who are madly in love with each other can look out from there.

The Observatory and the Rainbow

The Specola (Observatory) is an open gallery built by Pope Pius VI in 1781 at the end of Belvedere Superiore of the waterfall, offering a unique view of the first drop. This place is perfect to look at the Marmore Falls rainbow spectacle, created by sunlight and water vapour.

Guided Tours inside the Cave

Over thousands of years water has carved amazing cavities, tunnels and rooms with stalactites and stalagmites. You can visit the cave by taking a tour with a professional caving guide which lasts about an hour and a quarter. Anyone can take part, including children and elderly people, but early booking is necessary.

A little bit of excitement: rafting down the waterfall!

marmore fallsFor professionals and absolute beginners, my advice is to try the fantastic rapids on a raft. It will be such a unique and exciting experience in which everyone can take part; in fact, you just need to be able to swim, be aged between 18 and 60 years old, and…be brave! ? The organisation will provide you with all the necessary equipment, along with a theoretical and practical lesson before starting the descent. Each boat has space for six people plus the guide, who will give instructions for the descent which lasts about an hour. For children and non-swimmers there are also other entertaining soft activities.

Taking your 4-legged friends for a walk

Take your dog along the paths of the waterfall; all breeds are allowed, no exceptions! But don’t forget the lead (maximum length allowed 2 metres) and the muzzle (except for puppies up to 6 months of age).

Additional information and useful tips

For info on tickets costs, you can refer to this link Check carefully the timetables and opening of water before departure, especially if you are planning a quick visit. It is preferable to wear trainers and bring a waterproof jacket if you don’t want to get too wet along the various trails; in any case you will find some shops where you can buy some at reasonable prices. Inside the park there are many picnic areas and benches, perfect for a packed lunch or a snack.


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