If you love adventures and amazing undiscovered places, you absolutely need to organise your excursion to the Lame Rosse. Many call them the Grand Canyon of Le Marche region – let’s explore this wonder of nature together!

What are the Lame Rosse?

The Lame Rosse belong to the complex of the Sibillini mountains and overlook the Lake of Fiastra, in the small hamlet of San Lorenzo al Lago, in the province of Macerata. The distinctive feature of this rocky stratification is the shape, characterised by pinnacles and towers, resulting from a long erosion process. The limestone part of the mountain has shattered, creating a long stretch of gravel at the base, whereas the inner rock layers have become clearly visible. They consist of a mixture of gravel, clay and silt, which give them a singular red colour.

The path

The round trip is about 7 km, for a duration of 3 hours/ 3 hours and a half. The first stretch of the trail is on an unpaved road, then it continues along a beaten path in the shade of holm oaks. The drop is about 200 metres and although the path goes uphill, there are only few arduous and tiring points. Even less trained people (like me) can easily succeed with just a little more effort!
Park your car in the small parking area available or alternatively along the road next to the Lake of Fiastra’s dam; you should stop here for a while to enjoy the fantastic view! Continue on foot, you first have to cross the dam and then the small tunnel that leads to the only path present. After crossing a small stream with a short jump, continue straight ahead until you reach a crossroads, where you can find some guidance on the various trails. Take the left path, where a steep climb begins on an unpaved road – perhaps this is the most difficult part of the entire excursion, but it takes only a few minutes! Be careful and do not be tempted by the road on your right going downhill, that is the path leading through the undergrowth. After the climb, the road is still a bit steep but shortly the path will be completely immersed in the shade of holm oaks, thus becoming much more enjoyable. At the end of the path you will glimpse a valley with gravel ‘dunes’; here the climb begins again, but this is the very last effort and in less than 15 minutes you will be at the foot of the Lame Rosse.

My tips

lame rosseGiven the shape of the path, the essentials are trainers or walking shoes and water to quench thirst – actually there are no refreshment points along the way and in the immediate vicinity of the dam.

For the less agile or untrained, trekking poles can be a real help, especially in the steepest part of ascent and in the last stretch with gravel, which is particularly slippery and unstable.
If you don’t have any, you can fix it like I did with a wooden stick found while walking 🙂

Even if you’re naturally curious, avoid standing too close to the rocky walls, as they are very fragile and small grains of rock could fall over your head.

Finally, if you decide to bring your dog with you, remember the leash and that you can only take him up to the official trail, so not under the Lame Rosse stratification.

Of course, don’t forget your camera to capture this hidden landscape!


To complete the tour of the area, make a stop at the beach of the Lake of Fiastra. You can relax on shore or if you still have some strength, there is a pleasant path suitable for everyone. Read my next article to get some more information!

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