There is plenty of good reasons to visit Le Marche region, one of these is the artistic infiorata.
On the occasion of the religious celebration of Corpus Domini every year, 60 days after Easter, many towns of Le Marche become coloured and give life to amazing works of art! It’s a unique magic moment during which sanctity, faith, art and nature are combined to create paintings with flowers, leaves and other natural elements all along the streets of the historic centres.
Below some of the most popular infiorate of Le Marche.

Pesaro Urbino province



Every year the ancient Medieval village of Piobbico give life to the so called “La Fiorita”. All streets of the centre are covered with fragrant flowers and leaves of any kind. On this occasion a parade takes place with artifacts made of flowers and representing religious figures.






In Fermignano, the infiorata takes place along the streets of the town with flower carpets made of leaves and seeds. The setting up is divided into different steps: the realization of drawings, the picking of flowers, the search for seeds and their preservation. During the celebration it is possible to visit the famous Medieval tower of this town. The following Sunday, the Holy Mass is celebrated with the Corpus Domini procession through the streets of the historic centre.


Macerata province

People in Castelraimondo organise every year one of the most famous infiorate that made this town nationally renowned, thus attracting tourists from all over Italy. It starts on Thursday with the preparation of flowers divided by type, color and quality, transforming Corso Italia in a long flower carpet. Saturday evening is dedicated to the realization of the various flower arrangements. The religious celebration of the Corpus Domini and the procession take place on Sunday afternoon.






The evocative infiorata of Corridonia boasts every year lots of visitors and it takes place in a 2 thousand meter path decorated with flowers, leaves and other plant elements. It all begins on Saturday with the preparation of the carpets along the streets of the center, then it continues on Sunday with the solemn procession of Corpus Domini.



Ancona province


In Castiglioni di Arcevia, during the traditional “Infiorata del Corpus Domini”, you can enjoy the amazing flower falls and artistic creative works partly based on religious themes.








Cupramontana, the capital of Verdicchio, is home to the infiorata all along the streets of the historic centre. There are real floral paintings and gorgeous smelling carpets that give the town colour.


Ascoli Piceno province


The infiorata of Montefiore dell’Aso is among the most renowned events of this kind in Le Marche. Its origins lead back to the worship of the Goddess Flora. The festival is held on Saturday along a path of more than two thousand meters, while on Sunday there is the procession and Holy Mass.





Fermo province



In Servigliano the so called ‘infioratori’ (people dealing with the preparation of this exhibition) start to set up the beautiful floral path which is about 1 km long from early hours in the morning. The whole community contributes to drawing figures and symbols of Christianity. Late in the morning there’s the procession of Corpus Domini. The floral path can also be visited in the afternoon.





Come and see these surprising flower paths and visit Italy during the celebration of Corpus Domini. Ancient villages, good food and lots of activities are waiting for you!
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