Emilia Romagna is situated North of the peninsula and is the 6th largest region of Italy. Getting to and around this territory could not be easier! Thanks to its geographic location, the region is in the middle of majour highway and railway junctions. Moreover, it is served by four airports and many well equipped marinas. If you love fun, nature, art, good food and meeting new people, you have to leave for Emilia Romagna. Let’s see all options to get there!


1462388140_carBy car

The highway A1 Milan-Naples links the region with important highway junctions: in Parma with the A15 coming from La Spezia, in Modena with the A22 coming from Brennero, in Bologna with the A13 coming from Padova-Venezia and the A14 Bologna-Bari. There are easy connections also with the S.S 309 VeneziaMestre and the road E45 Roma- Ravenna.

My suggestion

If you’re thinking about renting a vacation property in outlying towns and villages or at the countryside, a car is highly recommended to move during the stay. If you’re instead looking for an apartment in the city centre, choosing public transport and alternative means could be the best solution. Majour centres are actually really busy and certain areas are restricted exclusively to residents or accessible with limitations. Pay great attention to the specifications present to avoid getting a ticket while on vacation!


1462388127_trainBy train


The railway network extends for about 1350 km and consists of a main route crossing the whole region (North-West to South-East) connecting majour cities from Piacenza to Rimini; a route in the direction of Bologna-Padova; a route in the direction of Firenze-Bologna-Verona; other paths towards Ravenna and neighbouring regions (Liguria, Tuscany, Lombardy and Veneto); two core routes leave from Piacenza, one in the direction of Milan and the other towards Alessandra- Turin. The strenght of this railway network is definitely its high-speed route, that allows quick transfers to the North, Centre and South of Italy, such as the service which connects Bologna and Reggio Emilia to Milan- Ancona – Florence – Rome- Naples.

My suggestion

Advanced booking for high-speed trains is compulsory. I suggest you to buy your tickets as soon as possible to find a place and – most of all – to benefit of the reduced prices usually applied to this kind of service. You can buy tickets directly at the railway station or on line in the official web site of the Italian railways Trenitalia or through the web site of Italotreno, another railway undertaking.


1462388188_planeBy plane


The region has 4 main airports: Bologna-Borgo Panigale, Forlì-Ridolfi, Parma-Verdi and Rimini-Miramare. Other minor airport facilities could be added to this list.

Did you know that…

The airport of Bologna- Borgo Panigale is the main stopover of Emilia Romagna and one of the leading airports of Italy. It is under constant development also thanks to the high-speed railway lines which strengthen the connections. On the ground floor of the terminal there are different companies offering both car rental and taxi service. Connections between Bologna railway station and the city centre are provided by a high-frequency bus service. Further links between city centre, suburbs and airport are guaranteed by public transport. The airport is also linked through daily buses to some important cities such as Ferrara, Florence, Modena, Rimini, Cervia and Ravenna (some of them only during summertime).


1462388152_schooolbusPublic transport

The whole territory is well linked to many destinations of Italy through a dense bus network. Even transfers within the region are extremely efficient, comfortable and cheap. What is more, thanks to the service provided by Google Transit, you can plan your itinerary and find out all possibilities for journeys with the car, bike, train, bus and even ferry, skibus and cable car. You’ll find also suitable paths for walking. Here’s the link: http://www.emiliaromagnaturismo.com/en/transport/getting-around-public-transport.html?set_language=en



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