As every year, the same questions arise: where to go on holidays and what to book? Planning a vacation is not easy and you often find yourselves faced with choices: somebody wants to relax, some others want to go sightseeing…in short, it is a real dilemma.

So what to do?

First, you need to choose a destination. Obviously, the choice depends on the group’s tastes and period you decide to travel. Next step is finding a solution that might satisfy the various requirements. And what’s better than a holiday home?
Well, let’s start dreaming…Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by nature, enjoying the sun and relaxing in the garden of a villa with pool, in a beautiful location with your friends or family!

Not a bad idea for your next holidays, isnt’it?

All this is really possible if you want and at a very low cost! Renting a villa means peace of mind and security for the whole family…even for the little ones. In a holiday villa you don’t just find a pool, but also outdoor equipped areas where you can relax and have a barbecue, large gardens with children’s games and many other services at your complete disposal.

Here are some advantages that really make this type of holidays worth choosing.

Saving and Convenience

Renting a villa with swimming pool is really affordable, especially if you travel with friends and relatives. You can share all costs and stay in high-quality accommodations with many services at your disposal.

Full Autonomy

For those who love visiting and exploring new towns, holidays in a villa are the ideal solution. Unlike an organized trip or holidays spent in a hotel or resort, there are no limiting schedules, organised lunches or compulsory trips. You can set your own program according to your needs.

Comfort and Relaxation

During the year we’re always on the move and when it’s finally time for vacation, comfort and relaxation are really essential factors. Some holiday destinations can even bring more stress than others – just think about all equipment you need to take to the beach: sun umbrella, cooler box, games for the kids and much more. In a villa, you can swim at any time of the day, relax outdoors or read a book in the shade.

Holidays with Pets

Your four-legged friends will enjoy the outdoor space and nature…Let them run and play freely in the garden renting a completely fenced-in villa. They’re on holidays too!!!

Total Privacy

Privacy above all. No need to worry about children screaming or diving. With a private swimming pool, they can play freely under your control. At the same time, you can enjoy the sun in complete relaxation.

Eating in a villa

Having a kitchen at your complete disposal is a big plus…eating what you like whenever you want to, try your hand at cooking the typical local dishes. These are all aspects which should not be underestimated. Also, you’ll be sure your children eat good and proper meals! And if you don’t like cooking, you can try the excellent local restaurants and inns.

Evenings at the Villa

Fun, good food and above all relaxation – these are the key factors of your evenings at the villa. After a barbecue outdoors, there’s nothing better than a dip in the pool before going to sleep! Spending summer evenings in total privacy and enjoying the outdoor areas until late at night. And if you want to get a midnight swim, just reach the pool out in the garden under the moonlight.

Dream awakening

Unspoilt nature, chirping birds, morning sun rays and countryside tranquility. Is there a better wake-up?

To enjoy your stay and experience local habits and traditions of the Italian peninsula, I suggest you these three villas, equipped with every comfort.
Are you ready to leave?

Villa Rossini - Pesaro (PU)

Villa Rossini – Pesaro (PU)

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Villa Oriente -Perticara (RN)

Villa Oriente – Perticara (RN)

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Casale san Francesco-Assisi (PG)

Casale san Francesco – Assisi (PG)

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