Gabicce Mare is one of the most picturesque seaside resorts of the Adriatic Coast. It is situated north of Le Marche on the border with Emilia Romagna, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. Its beaches are great for those travelling with children, private bathing sites offer a wide choice of services and sports lovers could have lot of fun! Besides the sea and the Park of San Bartolo Mount, you can visit the charming old town and the small village of Gabicce Monte perched on a hill.

Gabicce Mare

You can easily visit it on foot, actually the town is quite small and the points of interest are all very close to each other. There is the harbour, dividing Gabicce Mare from Cattolica; along the harbour there are bars and restaurants with outdoor seating; the centre with workshops and stores; the beach and the seafront.

gabicce mare

Gabicce Monte

gabicce mareSurrounded by greenery, it is located on the hill just above Gabicce Mare and offers spectacular views of the Adriatic Coast. You’ll reach it by travelling about 2 km along the panoramic road that goes up the San Bartolo Mount. The small group of houses around Valbruna Square is all that remains of the ancient village. You can visit the Church of Sant’Ermete, where there is a painting of the XV century called ‘Madonna del Latte.’ To get from Gabicce Mare to Gabicce Monte without a car you can opt for a comfortable train service, which is connected with the lines of the neighbouring towns and will allow you to visit destinations such as Gradara, Cattolica, Misano Adriatico and Riccione. Do not expect great speed, this is actually a slow means of transport to make the most of the landscape.

The Beaches

The beach is overlooked by the green slopes of the San Bartolo Mount. The coastline is low and sandy, suitable for children’safety who can play and swim with great tranquility. For this key feature, many families choose to spend their holidays here. There are about 50 beach sites, all are well kept and equipped with sun beds, plenty of space between the sun umbrellas, cabins, hot showers, animation and entertainment, sports fields, rental of paddle boats and canoes.



This resort is a heaven for cyclists: corners, slopes and a unique view in the background! Since 1980 Gabicce Mare has been the City of Cycling and every year during Easter time it hosts the International Bicycle Touring Week, with different routes and places to discover. For the occasion other events are organised such as evening fireworks, grilled fish, music, dancing and tasting of local products. The area is suitable for water sports as well and you can rent all the equipment for beginners or experts on spot. Among the most popular activities there’s kite surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing and sailing. To keep fit even at the beach, you will find areas for body-building, spinning, gymnastics and for playing beach volley, table tennis, bowls and tennis.


Fresh fish is the base of the local cuisine and as for restaurants you will have a wide choice! Among the dishes not to be missed: marinated anchovies, stuffed calamari and cuttlefish, mixed grills and spaghetti with carpet-shells. Still tasty but less refined, in Gabicce Mare you can try the piadina romagnola, which is usually stuffed with cold cuts.
gabicce mare


In the centre of Gabicce Mare, between the streets Cesare Battisti and Vittorio Veneto, there are both the traditional gift shops selling also beach items and trendy boutiques, open day and night. In San Giovanni in Marignano, about 5 km away from Gabicce Mare, there are outlets and factory stores.

gabicce mare

To visit in the surrounding areas

Going up to Gabicce Monte and from there descending along the southern slope of the San Bartolo Mount, you’ll reach Baia Vallugola, a small gravel beach with clear waters within the Park of San Bartolo. A real charming place! Another natural beach I suggest you is Fiorenzuola di Focara, which is also located in the park of San Bartolo. You can walk to the lovely village of Fiorenzuola in about twenty minutes along the so called Sentiero dell’Amore (Path of Love), while in July and August, a bus service is available. The Park of San Bartolo Mount is a nature reserve at 200 meters above sea level and extends between Gabicce Mare and the city of Pesaro. You can explore the area on foot, mountain bike or horseback. In the hinterland at only 5 km away rises Gradara with its well-preserved village and castle, while in a few km you can reach the Romagna towns of Cattolica and Misano Adriatico.

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