Visits to local farms and tastings

Hirst for knowledge and good wine?

Our beautiful country praises a vast variety of wine excellences and each producer uses different methods and techniques to create their own version of the drink.

Without needing to be true connoisseurs but simply curious, our agency organizes visits to local manufacturing companies to let you taste their products.

The various types of wine will be described in detail and expertly combined with other autochthonous products such as oils, bread and cheeses.

At the end of the experience, you will visit their shops in case you want to buy something to bring back home.
In addition, aperitifs or private dinners directly in the wine cellar are available for you and your family.

Otherwise, if you prefer to live this experience in your villa, a wine specialist will come to you with everything needed and will accompany you on this journey.

Fee per person: starting from Euro 15
Service fee: Euro 60

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