Teaching farm experience

Discovering country life in a masseria with a farmer

Apulia has a very original architecture. In its countryside, large masserie alternate with iconic trulli. Formerly inhabited by agricultural laborers and used as fodder depots, the masserie are still an asset of the area.
Would you like to take part in a guided tour inside an original masseria and discover it up close?

We offer you an interactive educational path to learn all the secrets of this world and immerse yourself in the essence of this characteristic place. Walk through the fields and put the cattle out to pasture or either feed newborn calves or milk cows. Together with your children, you will see how farmers work the land or how they transform fresh milk into tasty mozzarella cheese.

At the end of this full day in the open air, you and your family can relax by tasting the products of the farm in a delicious aperitif organized by the producers themselves.

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