Olive harvesting

Collect olives with us and become a real olive grower

A popular Apulian expression says “L’oiu te ulia lu male porta via” meaning “Olive oil takes evil away”.

Olive oil is the basis of Italian cuisine and a valid aid for a healthy and long-lived life. By booking this service, we offer you a unique experience to actively participate in all the production phases of extra virgin olive oil.

You will visit a real oil mill and see all the stages of its preparation up close. Real farmers will describe you all the various procedures and will pass you a rake to help them in harvesting the olives.
You will spend the day among the olive trees, working and listening their stories full of love and respect for their land.
The visit will then move inside the oil mills with a pleasant tasting of different types of olive oils, from the new one to other more flavored varieties.

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