BBQ at the villa: hanged caciocavallo and bombetteria

A journey into Apulian specialties

The conviviality of a barbecue experience will let you fully appreciate the Apulian Summer evenings.

The regional cuisine is made up of a rich variety of preparations where grilling plays a key role. Meat, fish and vegetables are expertly cooked and brought out to their full potential.
With the presence of an expert chef, you and your family will spend an original evening filled with laughter and good food.

You will have the chance to taste caciocavallo impiccato, a typical cheese of Southern Italy produced with cows’ milk. As the name suggests (“impiccato” means “hanged”) this cheese is hanged above the embers, which slowly melt it. Then, it is delicately spread on a slice of homemade bread. The tasting continues with a rich roast of Apulian sausages and bombette, popular pork rolls covered with caciocavallo cheese and slices of bacon.

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