As tradition, during the days leading up to Easter, many towns and small villages of Le Marche region become the setting of evocative reenactments of the Passion and the Death of Christ with processions and religious performances. Check them all and take part to the diverse events!

The ‘Turba’ in Cantiano

easter reenactments le marcheThe Turba is a sacred representation of the Passion of Christ and as every year it takes place on Good Friday. If you want to take part to this event from the very beginning, I suggest you to get to this lovely town on the evening before. You can take this opportunity to visit the most typical villages of Le Marche hinterland. Alternatively, you can arrive early in the afternoon to participate in the various steps of the celebration. Moreover, in the town of Cantiano you’ll find many good restaurants and bakeries offering all typical products of the local Easter tradition, so early departure is recommended and finally well paid off! The event is perfectly organised and even car park is easy to find. There’s also an info point set up in the town theatre where information and a detailed evening plan are provided to less experts. The Turba involves the whole historic centre that for the occasion turns into a live open theatre with suggestive settings, extras wearing period costumes and parades. Everything starts from sunrise around 5,30 with songs and prayers accompained by the sound of the ‘battistrangola‘, an odd instrument realised with a wooden board on whose sides are inserted rotating iron handles that hit some plates producing a unique sound. First comes the tour around the seven churches of the town, but the path is quite long and continues with the liturgy of the Passion of Christ marked by the tolls of four churches that go with the procession of the Holy Cross and Our Lady of Sorrows up to the hill of St. Ubaldo. In the evening when sun goes down, the sound of Roman drums heralds the beginning of the epilogue ending with the Crucifixion and the awaited Resurrection. This is a very moving moment as in the hills of the Ubaldo Mount three empty lighted crosses are risen up as symbol of Christ Rebirth.

The procession of the Dead Christ in Cagli

easter reenactments le marcheThe procession of the Dead Christ is a very emotive and touching reenactment. It is held every year on Friday before Easter. Even in this case I would suggest you to arrive on the evening before to lose yourself in the magic atmosphere that Cagli can offer to its visitors. Meanwhile, you can visit the town and admire its beauties: historic buildings, churches and cloisters…If you want to be prepared and get some extra info about this destination, read this article I wrote about Cagli. Late in the afternoon the first procession starts from the main Cathedral and ends in front of the Church of San Giuseppe with the two confraternities of Our Lady of Sorrows and of Christ, between the statues of St John and Mary Magdalene. In the Church of San Giuseppe where the evening procession starts, it is exposed to the faithful the statue of Christ laying on a refined back cloth canopy with the symbols of the passion with silver thread. For the occasion, even the walls of the church are decorated with twelve linen banners of the seventeenth century. At night around 9 o’ clock, from the church of San Giuseppe, four hundred brothers of the diverse town confraternities walk hooded and barefoot as a sign of penance through the streets of the village lit by torches, in complete silence and accompained only by the music of drums. The procession opens with the religious procession that precedes the cart where the dead Christ lays.

The “Passio” in Serravalle di Carda

easter reenactments le marcheIn Serravalle di Carda, a hamlet of the town of Apecchio, it takes place since 1979 the so called Passio, an historic religious reenactment of the Passion and the Death of Christ. It is held on Good Friday and has become an event of such a great importance for local people, to the point that in 2015 an apposite cultural association named Passio was set with the aim of promoting and developing the celebration, which is passed on from generation to generation. The beautiful scenic design illuminated by light effects and the attention to costumes make this representation one of the most beautiful of Le Marche region. The Passio is actually characterised by the evocative and touching scene of the Crucifixion, where the audience can listen to the dialogue between Jesus and God and the Thieves, with the final song of Maria at the foot of the cross. A unique atmosphere where participants are taken back in time to live again the most significant moments. Of great impact also the scenes representing the Last Supper with the Washing of feet, the prayer in the garden of Gethsemane with the temptation of the devil, the appearance of the angel and the capture of Jesus. Along the streets of the town, several extras reproduce past daily life and routines such as the market and old workshops: inns, bakeries and much more. For this event many local restaurants with their traditional local cuisine offer very attractive menus and prices for the whole family.

The ‘Ciurma’ in Secchiano

easter reenactments le marcheFor a few years now also the small town of Secchiano has put on the Passion and the Death of Christ. The event takes place on Maundy Thursday around 9 pm. All the town takes part to the commemoration that attracts more and more tourists.





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