Do you know the saying, ‘Easter with whom you want and Christmas with your folks’? Actually Easter holidays are usually spent with friends and acquaintances. During this period most companies usually close for some days and students have a break from school. There are many different solutions to what to do and where to go: day trips to the countryside, sightseeing in cities of art or even short stays to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather! This is the favourite option of younger people who often plan their trips with classmates or friends. Keeping books and worries for oral tests aways for some days, that’s the dream of every student! Families instead can organise food & wine tours, guided excursions and visits to most renowned art cities. Even during Easter Monday there are plenty of possible activities! Long walks in the mountains or by the sea and picnics are on top of the most preferred alternatives. But holidays does not just mean lot of fun, they’re also synonymous with tasting food. At Easter time, sweets become the real protagonists of every menu, with the industrial variants widely popular all over Italy such as the traditional chocolate eggs and the Colomba – an Italian Easter cake in the shape of a dove similar to the Christmas Panettone – coated with icing, almonds and sugar grains, the regional desserts such as the Pastiera of Naples, the anise-flavored donuts, the cake with candied fruit and raisins, the famous sweets with almond and ricotta cheese typical of the South peninsula.

Savoury pies are also very popular, like the Genoese Torta Pasqualina stuffed with herbs, ricotta cheese, eggs and enclosed into thin sheets of pasta, the cheese-based pie of Lazio which is usually accompanied by the Corallina, a typical Easter salami, the Casatiello Napoletano, stuffed with cheese, bacon, salami and hard-boiled eggs and the Crescia, a kind of bread loaded with cheese typical of Le Marche region, served along with boiled eggs. Lamb is an absolute must, cooked according to local ancient recipes.

Another tradition which has now become inevitable is the Easter breakfast. On Easter morning people are used to have a hearty breakfast, I would say almost a complete lunch, with hard-boiled eggs, cold cuts, cheese bread, omelettes and savoury pies. On this occasion grown ups usually help kids unwrapping their Easter eggs. There is a flavour for every taste: with milk, dark chocolate, hazelnuts, etc…all with a surprise inside! When holidays are over, everyone returns to the daily routine, not without difficulties. But don’t worry, you can start thinking about your next summer holidays following step by step all the tips given in our blog!

To enjoy your stay and experience local habits and traditions of the Italian peninsula, I suggest you these three villas, equipped with every comfort.
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Villa Oriente - Perticara (RN)

Villa Oriente – Perticara (RN)

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Villa Amata -Urbania (PU)

Villa Amata – Urbania (PU)

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Casa Bettina-Costa Amalfitana (SA)

Casa Bettina- Costa Amalfitana (SA)

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