This post is dedicated to all those people whose stay at the villa is close to an end but also to those ones who don’t want to arrive unprepared to this moment. When you leave your accommodation and start packing your suitcase, you may have more or less the same fear as when you left home at the beginning of your holiday.
Let’s go over some of the basic things to check before check-out in order to leave in total peace of mind!

1. Set check-out time

Always agree the time of departure with the owner at least one day in advance. If you have any particular needs beyond what is provided by regulations, please inform your contact person as soon as possible.

2. Check the state of the accommodation

The owner or a  trusted member of his staff will check that the property is in good condition before returning you the security deposit paid on arrival. Make sure that the rooms are left in clean conditions, paying particular attention to the kitchen. Remember to thoroughly wash the dishes you used and dispose of any rubbish according to the indications received; if you did not, the owner may ask you to pay for additional cleaning costs. If you accidentally broke an object, don’t try to hide it and inform the person in charge. You’ll surely come to an agreement together.

3. Personal belongings

Double check that all your personal belongings are packed, especially your documents. The procedure for returning personal items is really complicated in such cases and often it is not allowed.

4. Keys

Remember to return to the owner all keys of the property and annexes (house, gate, dependance …).
Let me know which things you often forget and the tricks you use to ensure that you’ve put everything in your suitcase!


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