Urbino: the city of the Italian Renaissance

Urbino is probably the most famous city of Le Marche and owes its reputation to two great figures, the Duke Federico da Montefeltro  who supported its maximal expansion
3 February 2020

Exploring Le Marche by bike

Those of you following this blog now know that Le Marche region is characterised by hills and plains, mountains and coast. Because of that
1 September 2019

Emilia Romagna: relaxation and fun

Situated between central and northern Italy, Emilia Romagna is a vast territory and borders different regions such as Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont, Liguria, Tuscany
18 July 2019

How to travel to Italy with a dog

Why leave a member of the family such as our faithful four-legged friends at home? In this article we speak about how to travel to Italy with a dog.
25 May 2018