Check-in and check-out are two key moments of your stay at the villa. If you don’t like being disorganized and want to avoid any unpleasant departure, read the following tips I’m giving to you.

1. Arrival

Before planning your trip, check scheduled times for check-in. Usually, it is between 4pm and 7pm.
Some recommendations: The holiday house requires a thorough clean, so do not arrive too early in time. If this is inevitable, take the chance to have an initial tour around the area while things are being prepared. On the other hand, arriving outside the agreed check-in time without prior notice, you may be charged an additional welcome fee or check-in may even be postponed to the next day. Keep in contact with the agency and the owner, they will be able to assist in any eventuality.

2. Telephone contacts

Make sure you have with you the necessary phone numbers to communicate where you are, especially in case of delay. In addition to the phone number of the agency, you’ll be always provided with the direct phone number of the owner or of his trusted staff, who will welcome you and help you in case you have problems in locating the villa.
Important: make sure that at the time of booking you’ve provided at least a mobile contact, where you can be reached during your journey and your stay. If you didn’t do so, remember to leave a mobile number to the owner upon arrival.

3. Documents

Guests staying at the villa are also required to register with the local authorities. Make sure that each member of the group has the necessary documentation required by the owner.
Remember: You can save time by entering the personal data of the guests through the appropriate section that the agency created within your online reserved area on its website (section ‘Security check form‘).

4. Welcome

It is the owner or a member of his trusted staff who will welcome you at the holiday house. It will be their task to provide you with the basic information for the stay, make arrangements for the maintenance of the property, collect and return the security deposit payment.

5. The security deposit payment

It is the amount indicated in the description of the property and noted on the rental contract, requested as protection against damage or breakage which may occur during your stay. It must be paid in cash and will be returned at the end of the stay, after checking the state of the property.

6. Departure

Check-out is generally within 10.00 am.
Note: Always inform the owner or house keeper about your departure time at least one day in advance. This way they’ll be able to verify the state of the property and give you back the deposit paid at the check-in.

I hope these pieces of advice will help you to limit the stress on arrival and departure after your holidays so you’ll have only wonderful memories of your stay at the villa.
If you have any questions, you can always email me or contact me! 😉


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