You’ve heard me say this before, but those who visit the Marche region must forget dieting 😉 Today I’m taking you to Campofilone, a small village in the province of Fermo known for its tasty Maccheroncini. In addition to excellent food, you will find a postcard landscape with hills and sea, a charming old town and amazing views.

A fun fact about its name…

Campofilone probably derives from the presence of a field, owned in an ancient age by a rich laundryman. Some medieval documents contain the wording ‘Campo Fulloni’, i.e. the field of the laundryman.

The old town

You can access the old town through a short tree-lined avenue with centuries-old pines. You will be immediately impressed by the surrounding walls and by Porta Marina, a gate which has become the symbol of the town being the main entrance to the village, which develops along a main road with the historical buildings. The heart of Campofilone is the square Piazza Umberto I, here stands the complex of the St. Bartholomew Abbey, dating back to the 11th century and subsequently expanded to cope with the increase in believers. Here you can visit the archeological-liturgical museum and the abbey garden enclosed within the medieval walls, with panoramic views from the Adriatic Sea to the Sibillini Mountains. In the north-eastern side of the church of St. Bartholomew, there is the small Church of the Archconfraternity of St. Giovanni Decollato also called church of Mercy, founded in 1715. Inside you can admire some statues of Saints and a papier mache Christ dating back to the late 1800’s. Other churches are that of Saint Patrick, with its beautiful 18th century altarpiece and the church St. Mary of Intignano, surrounded by a secular pine forest at about 1 km from the city centre. Once it was joined to a monastery which no longer exists.


campofiloneNot too far from the town there is a square-plan wall structure with a tower which was used initially as a hunting lodge and then as a palombara in the 16th century.

It was called The Chestnut due to the crenulations that recalls the autumn fruit.

There are other three older Palombare, two in the area of Montecamauro and one in the area of Marina.

The Municipal Theatre

campofiloneThis theatre has a particular history, it was built in the years 1928-1930 largely by masons and labourers who offered their work for free.

From 1939 it was occupied by the Fascist Party until 1943, when it was turned into a meeting place for displaced people, causing considerable damage to the structure.

Thanks to a recent restoration you can visit it and attend exhibitions, performances and concerts.

The beach

Between the villages of Tre Camini and Ponte Nina, the beach stretches for about 1.5 km and is mainly free. It has both sections with gravel and very fine sand, water is clean and the seabed is shallow, which is perfect for children! If you visit the area between August 14th and 16th, you cannot miss the Sea Festival…a great opportunity to taste the traditional local cooking in the many stands set up in the waterfront.

Maccheroncini of Campofilone

It’s finally time to sit at the table! 😉 The specialty that makes Campofilone famous all over the world is its homemade pasta called Maccheroncini, whose secular recipe has been handed down from mother to daughter. The flour and egg mixture is laid in thiny sheets that are then rolled and finely cut by hand. They are generally served with meat sauce as is the tradition, but they are delicious with any seasoning or simply with some extra virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese.


Always talking about Maccheroncini, you cannot miss the National Festival of Maccheroncini from Campofilone IGP, which takes place at the beginning of August in the streets of the old town since 1964. On 18th and 19th August, the abbey garden hosts the event Orto Party, a beer festival with music and tastings. Every two years on Easter Friday local people organise the representation of the Dead Christ, with a procession, prayers and music.

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