Pesaro: the City of Rossini

Pesaro is a seaside city in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, in Le Marche region. It overlooks the sea and is situated between two coastal hills: the San Bartolo and the Ardizio. 
2 March 2020

San Marino: a Republic within the Republic

The Republic of San Marino lies at a short distance to the Romagna Riviera and at the border with Le Marche region. It is the third smallest Country in Europe 
25 February 2020

Assisi: the city of Saint Francis

Assisi is a city of the Umbria region in the province of Perugia and is worldwide famous for being the birthplace of the Saints Francis and Clare.
20 February 2020

Urbino: the city of the Italian Renaissance

Urbino is probably the most famous city of Le Marche and owes its reputation to two great figures, the Duke Federico da Montefeltro  who supported its maximal expansion
3 February 2020

Loreto: the Shrine City in Le Marche

At the top of a hill known as 'Prodo', surrounded by olive fields lies Loreto, a town in the province of Ancona, South of Le Marche.
14 January 2020

Exploring Le Marche by bike

Those of you following this blog now know that Le Marche region is characterised by hills and plains, mountains and coast. Because of that
1 September 2019

Emilia Romagna: relaxation and fun

Situated between central and northern Italy, Emilia Romagna is a vast territory and borders different regions such as Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont, Liguria, Tuscany
18 July 2019

A week in Le Marche: the southern area

Why traveling to Le Marche for a week? If the point of your upcoming holidays is to enjoy a few days of complete relaxation, visiting some museums
3 June 2019

Visit Le Marche in a week: the northern area

For a breakfast overlooking the sea, a picnic among the hills or a pleasant dinner in a typical inn of a medieval village, just choose to visit Le Marche in a week
30 May 2019