Apecchio is a town located in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, in the Apennines of Umbria and Le Marche, on the border between these two regions. It is crossed by two rivers, Biscubio and Menatoio; its territory covers a vast area on the slopes of Nerone Mount. Nearby there are the villages of Serravalle di Carda, Valdara, Pian di Mulino, Colombara and Pietra Gialla.

The historic centre of Apecchio

Apecchio has very ancient roots and houses interesting monuments, first of all the characteristic donkey back bridge leading up to the village centre where you’ll find Torre dell’Orologio, a bell tower with a sixteenth century clock in its centre. Above the arch of the tower you can admire the coat of arms of the Ubaldini family. A must-see attraction is the Museum of Fossils and Minerals, ranked among the most important ones of this kind in Italy, with a collection of about three thousand artifacts. The museum is located in the basement of Palazzo Ubaldini, now seat of the Town Hall. Inside there is also the town theatre and a large porch. Near Palazzo Ubaldini there is the former Jewish district with the so called Vicoletto, considered as one of the narrowest street in Italy. Among the churches, I recommend the fourteenth century Church of Santa Lucia, the Church of Madonna della Vita, the Shrine of Santissimo Crocifisso, once the parish church of San Martino and the Church of San Martino. Those who love nature cannot miss a walk in the Viale di Velluto (Velvet Boulevard), a grassy promenade in the green. Here you can admire the historic Fountain of Sulphurous Water. At a very short distance from Apecchio, in the hamlet of Colombara, you can admire the famous Mappamondo della Pace (Globe of Peace), entirely made of wood by a local craftsman. Inside it is divided into three floors and can hold up to six hundred people. Due to its exceptional size, it has been inserted among the Guinness World Records.

Events and festivals in Apecchio

apecchioIn Apecchio there are lots of events throughout the year.
On the first Sunday of June there’s the Holy Cross Feast, a religious event deeply felt by local people.
During the month of July, various festivals are organised at the Ubaldini palace with music, entertainment and theatre performances. In this period there is also a medieval festival with parades and historical games.
In August there’s the bostrengo festival, other events for kids and also concerts. Another important event is the festival of white truffle and forest products along with the antiques market, which is held in October.

Local activities

apecchioMain local activities are handicrafts and all works linked to the territory, such as the production of fine truffles and wood gathering. The sector of tourism is growing thanks to the proximity to the Nerone Mount. In winter there are ski resorts and several huts where you can relax and taste local specialities, whereas in the summertime, you can practice almost any kind of activity. Apecchio is also known as the capital of beer, there are actually three companies producing craft beer, two of which of great international importance. One of these companies also produces grappa. There is a also a water factory, the Val di Meti, renowned abroad in various countries. To promote the typical local beer accompanied by various culinary specialties, it was founded an association called “Apecchio Città della Birra” (Apecchio the City of Beer).

Food and drink

Apecchio is a land of excellence and its geographical location makes this territory rich in products like mushrooms, including the spignolo – a typical spring mushroom – and truffle, the leading ingredient of local cuisine. Other typical dishes are homemade tagliatelle, stuffed rabbit, lamb meat, offal and stew. Cold cuts and cheeses are also really good tasting. The typical dessert of this area is the called bostrengo, to which a festival is dedicated. Try the different varieties of honey, especially the millefiori and the acacia honey. As alternative to the regional popular wines like Bianchello del Metauro, Verdicchio and Rosso Piceno, beer is a real must.
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