Acqualagna is a small precious gem set in the heart of Pesaro Urbino province.
You’ll get there immediately after passing the sharp impressive sides of the Furlo Gorge, one of the most beautiful scenery in central Italy.


Tasty Autumn

Staying in Acqualagna is a real pleasure all year round, especially in the middle of the autumn season during the months of October and November, when forests change their colour and winter is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to taste the famous truffle, one of the most prized products of the Italian cuisine. The National Truffle Fair in Acqualagna is a hugely popular food and wine event and takes place from the last weekend of October until mid-November. The historic centre of the town is the setting for the event: a 5000 fair with 80 stands, 100 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors of which 2,600 coming from abroad. The main square turns to a market place where you can buy and taste truffles, while in a large pavilion you will find local exhibitors as well as those from all over Italy offering typical food and handicrafts. Guided tastings, cooking shows, challenges between great chefs and presentations of cookbooks are just some of the activities organized during the event (click here to check the full program). But if you love peace and quiet and prefer to fully enjoy the taste of truffle, you’d better come after the fair and try one of the many renowned local restaurants where truffle is always on top of the menu! Excursion lovers can try their hand at being real truffle hunters for a day, under the guidance of experts along evocative paths.


And after discovering all about this culinary event, are you ready for an amazing tour?


The Furlo Gorge

Furlo Gorge
Furlo Gorge

The Furlo Gorge is one of the top things to visit while you’re staying in Acqualagna. You’ll find yourself in front of a breathtaking canyon, a natural gorge carved by water (the Candigliano River) over thousands of years. Here the Romans built the road that led from Rome to Rimini and you can still cross it retracing those steps. You can walk or bike through the whole gorge following the dedicated path. The area is a natural reserve counting 3,600 hectares of woodland, meadows and pristine peaks; the flora and fauna are indeed unique, actually it is home to the golden eagle, peregrine falcon, eagle owl, woodpecker, as well as wolves, deers and wild boars in the most isolated places. There are many appealing routes but the walk up to the Testa del Duce (Duce’s Head) is truly the most impressive. In 1930s local people shaped the mountain reproducing the profile of Mussolini. From the top of the mountain the view is spectacular. Learn more about this attraction:


St. Vincent Abbey

St. Vincent Abbey

From the Furlo Gorge proceeding towards the centre of Acqualagna along the Flaminia street, you’ll find the St. Vincent Abbey which stands in the proximity of the Candigliano river among the Roman ruins of the old city Pitinum Mergens. From the VI to XVII centuries it kept St. Vincent’s relics – the bishop of Bevagna – moved here by the people of the Umbrian city which was destroyed by the Lombards. To the right of the church rises the monastery where St. Romuald (in 1011) and St. Peter Damian stayed. The Abbey is open daily with free entrance.
St. Vincent Abbey – Via Pianacce, 67, 61041 Acqualagna




The Sanctuary of Pelingo

The Sanctuary of Pelingo
The Sanctuary of Pelingo

Not too far from the Abbey stands this interesting church built by the end of the XIV century. It is devoted to the Blessed Sacrament and the Virgin Mary and owes its reputation to some healing miracles. The church was totally rebuilt during the first half of the XIX century as consequence of a severe earthquake. Is surrounded by meadows and woods where you can stop and enjoy a peaceful and silent rest.
Santuario del Pelingo – v.le E. Scaglioni





Enrico Mattei’s birthplace

The original desk
The original desk

Few know that Enrico Mattei, the famous founder of ENI, was born in Acqualagna. In 2012 he was dedicated a museum right within the walls of the house where he was born and then became one of the most influential men in the world. Here it’s like time stands still to preserve some unknown aspects of the great Mattei’s personal history: his final signature made before he was killed or the cap of the champagne bottle uncorked in February 1953 following the signature of approval and foundation of ENI, which took place in Corso Venezia in Milan. There are also other personal effects, such as the desk – which has remained intact with his glasses, his books and cigarettes, or his hobbies’equipment outside of work, such as fishing gear.
Childhood home of E. Mattei – Piazza Mattei
Contact reference for visits: +39 0721/796741.


Stone processing in Acqualagna

The considerable amount of stone at the Furlo Massif has always been a highly attractive resource both for arts and manufacturing sectors. Over the centuries many architectural structures of Urbino and surrounding areas have been built with this stone by the masters of Acqualagna, great sculptors who trained in the quarries of the nearby mountains. Stone working is currently one of the most important craft industries of the area and many of the local factories are famous all over Italy for their excellent fireplace production.


Tours and activities

This territory definitely deserves to be crossed on foot having long walks or guided tours among lush vegetation. There are many challenging bike trails and paths ideal for horseback riding. If you are a mountain lover, you could go hiking or climbing along the rocky slopes of Catria, Nerone and Petrano Mounts within a short drive; in winter you could also ski in their equipped plants and have a rest in one of the excellent shelters.
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